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    subheading titleWelcome to the Staff Council's Website!

    Staff Council: Working together to enhance the lives of employees and students at the University of Southern Indiana.

  • Archie's Closet at the Wellness Fair
    subheading titleArchie's Closet at the Wellness Fair

    Staff Council sponsored a booth at the USI Wellness Fair to promote Archie's Closet

  • USI Cone in Autumn

    Fall at USI - a perfect time to get out and enjoy the trails on campus!

  • Employee Appreciation
    subheading titleEmployee Appreciation Day

    March 2 is National Employee Appreciation Day. Take a few moments to tell someone how awesome they are!

Staff Council

Employee Appreciation Day is March 2!

We all have that one person we call when we need help on campus.

You have their extension memorized, you don't even have to say "Hello" or introduce yourself, or you can type two letters in the email address and Outlook automatically knows who you're wanting to contact. 

It's what makes working at USI great.

Staff Council believes it's important to recognize these unsung heroes all over campus. Maybe it's the administrative assistant in Housing that seems to know everything off the top of their head or that person in Admissions that you can count on to go the extra mile to help you and a student out. Perhaps it's the custodial employee that told you about a great way to organize your charging cords from an idea they saw on Pinterest or someone in HR that always answers your random questions.

Regardless of who or how they help, now you can show them just how much you appreciate them by sending them a Certificate of Awesome

Once you click on this link you will be taken to a Google Form to complete and automatically send the certificate. You may also download a pdf of the certificate to fill out and email yourself.

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