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COVID-19 Event Host Guidelines & Restrictions

A full list of all COVID-19 Event Guidelines is available here.

University of Southern Indiana COVID-19 Event Host Guidelines & Restrictions

This information has been revised as of July 28, 2021, and is subject to change based on local, state of Indiana, and federal guidelines related to the mitigation of COVID-19.

The University of Southern Indiana has developed COVID-19 event guidelines for all “in-person” events held on campus for the protection for all attendees and staff. The contact or event host will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all University COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions as listed below. Please carefully read all bullet points and sign that you agree to uphold these guidelines. Once your signature is received the event scheduling and planning phases may proceed. The safety and health of all event attendees and staff on the USI campus is our greatest priority. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


  • All plans for “in-person” events held on the USI campus shall follow the University COVID-19 Guidelines. These guidelines are based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Indiana State Department of Health and are put in place for the protection for students, employees, and visitors.

  • Special Events and Scheduling Services reserves the right to make room substitutions or other changes to meet the University COVID-19 guidelines. Meetings and events will be scheduled in spaces according to physical distancing capacity limits approved by USI Facility Operations and Planning.  

  • Events open to the general public require approval from the Steering Committee and must maintain a method of pre-registration. 

  • Event hosts are strongly encouraged to consider virtual meeting options to reduce personal contact.


  • Special Events and Scheduling Services will assist in the execution of virtual meetings when appropriate, including providing guidance in setting up livestreams and using Zoom.

  • Event hosts are required to keep the Special Events and Scheduling Services event planner informed of accurate attendance numbers to ensure the event does not exceed approved room capacities. RSVPs are recommended.

  • Room layouts and seating configurations shall follow physical distancing requirements of 3 feet.

  • Events scheduled in academic spaces must use the standard classroom set up. Any changes to academic space room arrangements or furnishings must be completed through an approved Facility Operations and Planning work order and paid for by the hosting department or organization. Unapproved changes to the room arrangements or furnishings will be subject to a Facility Operations and Planning labor fee.

  • All events are subject to USI Dining food policy.

  • Event, registration, and vendor tables may include up to two event table hosts per 6 foot table. Tables must be spaced at least 6 feet apart to allow for gathering. A record of visitors to the table is strongly encouraged for contact tracing purposes.

During the Event:

  • Event host must be physically present and on-site for the duration of the meeting or event to ensure compliance with all COVID-19 event guidelines and University policies.

  • Events found to be occurring in violation of COVID-19 event guidelines or University policy will be asked to comply or will be shut down immediately and the appropriate vice president, dean or director will be notified. A second occurrence of failure to adhere to guidelines will result in revocation of the right to use University-owned or leased property for events. The University of Southern Indiana reserves the right to deny admission, continued attendance at an event, or to stop an event while in progress, without any recourse or cause of action by the event sponsor against the University.
  • Face coverings are required indoors on the USI campus, regardless of vaccination status. Individuals are not required to wear face coverings outdoors unless 3-foot distancing is not possible.
  • Physical distancing of 3 feet or more is recommended whenever possible and continued regular hand sanitizing is recommended.

  • Event hosts are responsible for maintaining a list of attendees should contact tracing become necessary.

  • Should attendance exceed the COVID-19 capacity limit for the event space, it is the responsibility of the event host to turn guests away to remain in compliance.

  • All event spaces will be cleaned and sanitized prior to each event by appropriate staff using cleaning agents which kill the COVID-19 virus. Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer will also be available in the rooms for the convenience of guests to ensure the area is clean prior to their use.

  • Event hosts are required to remove any extra items, materials, or personal belongings brought in for the event.

As the University continuously monitors and reviews the vast amount of COVID-19 information disseminated, scheduling and event protocols may be updated and adapted to respond to changing situations.

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