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STEM Resource Endowment

The University of Southern Indiana is dedicated to the preservation of the SwISTEM Resource Center to measurably improve K-16 student achievement in the STEM disciplines by focusing on increased learning opportunities for all students and rigorous professional development opportunities for STEM teachers. A gift to the STEM Resource Endowment will support the programs offered by the SwISTEM Resource Center. 

  • Student-Centered Outreach Activities
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Free Equipment Lending Service

Investing in our Future...What Difference Does it Make?

  • Creates a science and mathematics literate workforce that provides a sustainable economic advantage to the region and community.
  • Supports effective STEM education of all students regardless of socioeconomic status, which is critical to the current and future economic vitality and quality of life in the state, region, and nation.
  • Plays an integral role in providing a continuous supply of highly trained technologists to meet the workforce demands of our economy’s growth sectors.
  • Maintains supportive resources to help Indiana’s K-12 schools make immediate and sustained gains in STEM achievement for their students. 

Donor Recognition

The sustainability of the SwISTEM Resource Center will be accomplished through a continued focus on teacher quality, student achievement, application for private and public grants, and the invaluable place of philanthropy from an involved and caring community of old and new friends. 

All Donors

All donors to the STEM Resource Endowment will be recognized online in the Honor Roll of Donors.

Donors of $1,000 or More

Donors of $1,000 or more qualify for membership in the President’s Associates, receive an invitation to the President’s Associates Dinner, and are invited to special events throughout the year.

Perpetual Members

Perpetual members are recognized for single gifts of $25,000 annually to a single program.

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