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Optometry is an independent primary health care profession encompassing prevention and remediation of disorders of the eye and vision system through examination, diagnosis, treatment, and management of visual efficiency and eye health.

Educational requirements for optometry include three or four years of undergraduate work and four years of professional study leading to a Doctor of Optometry degree. Most students entering optometry school have completed the BS or BA degree.The specific requirements vary from school to school, but most require at least:

  • a year of General Biology (Biol 141 & Biol 334)
  • General Chemistry (Chem 261 & 262)
  • General Physics (Phys 175 & 176)
  • Microbiology (Biol 375/376)
  • Organic Chemistry (Chem 353 & 354)
  • Psychology (Psy 201)
  • English (Eng 101)
  • Statistics (Stat 241)
  • Calculus (Math 230)

Each school has specific pre-requisites, and you should confirm the requirements for programs in which you are interested.

There are 15 schools of optometry in the United States. Admission is competitive, and applicants are rated by:

  • GPA - the mean GPA of successful applicants is around 3.45
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Interviews
  • Score on the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). This is a computer based exam offered year-round that covers biology, general and organic chemistry, physics, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning.

General information on the OAT, optometry programs, and careers in eye care can be found at Applications are made through a centralized Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry service -

For more information on Pre-Optometry preparation in the Biology major, please contact:

Rex Strange
Dr. Rex Strange
Associate Professor of Biology
Contact: 812-465-1008
Science Center 1265


For more information on Pre-Optometry preparation in the Biochemistry or Chemistry majors, please contact:

Priyadarshine Hewavitharanage
Dr. Priyadarshine Hewavitharanage
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Contact: 812-228-5009
Science Center 2279


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