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Program Educational Objectives & Student Outcomes - MSIM

Master of Science Industrial Management Program Objectives and Student Outcomes 

The primary purpose of the program is to provide knowledge of management concepts and modern technical innovations as applied to technically based enterprises.

The graduate degree program in industrial management is designed to accommodate either of two objectives:

 1)      increasing the breadth of an individual's education in various technical fields related to industrial management; or

2)      increasing the depth of education in a single technical specialty related to industrial management.  The program should meet the needs of the employed individual who either seeks additional knowledge in subject areas that were not covered in his or her undergraduate degree program or desires to extend the knowledge acquired as an undergraduate or through employment experience.  

 The student's understanding and competencies should be expanded and enhanced by:

*    An understanding of the role of technology and technological innovation in improving the productivity and competitive advantage of an organization.
*    An understanding of the functions within a business and their inter-relationships with one another and especially with engineering, production, operations, and material handling within a technically based organization.
*    An understanding and appreciation for the role of the individual worker, bargaining unit, and management with respect to human nature and their respective roles and responsibilities within the organization in providing quality, reliable products and services to its customers.   
*    Develop ability to think critically and creatively about organizations and their goals within the global community.
*    Ability to understand and utilize modern quantitative and behavioral analysis tools and techniques in formulating and making decisions to solve complex business and engineering problems under uncertainty and constraints.
*    Develop strong interpersonal, decision-making, reasoning, and conflict resolution skills.  

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