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Waitlist FAQs

USI Children's Learning Center (CLC) Waitlist FAQs

What is the CLC waitlist?

  • A waiting list for children wishing to enroll in the USI Children's Learning Center.

How does the CLC waitlist operate?

  • The waiting list for the USI Children's Learning Center operates on a first-come-first-served basis, offering the open space to the first child of the appropriate age on the waiting list (see details below).
  • USI student, staff, faculty parents are given enrollment priority with student parents having first priority over staff and faculty parents.
  • Siblings of children currently enrolled are also given priority.
  • Names on the waiting list may be skipped in order to maintain a gender or age balance in the classrooms.
  • Children of parents who are not affiliated with USI are enrolled only if space allows.

Who should I speak to about the waitlist?

  • The CLC senior administrative assistant. All questions concerning the waitlist will be directed to this person.

What is the typical wait for a slot?

  • It depends on which age group your child will enter.  The wait varies and there is never a guarantee. We recommend you place your child on several waitlists so you have backup options should a slot not be available when you need child care.

Once a slot becomes open, how long do I have to accept or decline?

  • You have 48 hours after receiving the email of the classroom availabilty to accept or decline.  Most openings begin the first of the month.

Once a slot becomes open, how long can it be held?

  • A slot can be held up to 1 month and then the family will be financially responsible for the space or may choose to decline the slot.

If I decline a slot, what happens?

  • If the parent of that child declines the slot, then the slot is offered to the next age-appropriate child on the waiting list and you will move to the end of the waitlist. If you choose to wait for another age group, you will maintain the date of enrollment; however, your placement on the waitlist may differ since it is a different classroom.

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