University of Southern Indiana

Summer Enrichment Camp (SECamp)

2018 Summer Enrichment Camp (SECamp)

(SECamp) includes the following:

  • SECamp K1 (for incoming Kindergarten students)
  • SECamp K2 (for incoming first grade students)
  • SECamp A (for 2nd and 3rd grade student)
  • SECamp B (4th and 5th grade students)

SECamp will be held in the lower level of the Rice Library, across the boulevard from the Physical Activities Center (PAC) on the USI Campus. Please bring your child into the lower level of Rice Library each day to be checked by camp staff.

Camp Dates: Tuesday, May 29-Friday, July 27, (Holidays, May 28 & July 4).*

*If the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) makes up snow days on or after May 26, camp will begin on the first weekday after school dismisses. This applies only to EVSC If your child attends another school corporation you are financially responsible for camp fees beginning May 29:

Camp Hours: 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Important Camp Information:

  • A pre-enrollment fee of $60 is required for all children attending SECamp. This fee is non-refundable.  
  • The USI rate applies to employees or students at the University of Southern Indiana who are the legal guardian(s) of the camper. The off-campus parent rate applies to those individuals who are not employees or students at USI.

Enrollment Options:

 Full time (Five days per week), three days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or two days (Tuesday and Thursday).

  • A child is enrolled in camp all summer, unless arrangements are made with the camp supervisor prior to the first day of camp. 
  • If you withdraw your child from camp, a written notice must be received two weeks prior to the child’s last day. This notice must be given to Kathy Hayden, Camp Supervisor. Failure to provide two weeks written notice will result in your being billed for those two weeks. Notice to withdraw will not be accepted after July 2nd. Vacation days are not credited for students who withdraw early.
  • Please notify the Camp Supervisor in writing if your child will not be attending the first week of camp otherwise your child will be withdrawn from camp and the pre-enrollment fee will be forfeited.
  • “No-fee” vacation/sick days correlate to the number of days per week that your child is enrolled. For example, a family whose child is enrolled full-time may take five days during camp as “no-fee” days. A child enrolled Tuesdays/Thursdays will receive two “no-fee” days. The “No-Fee” days are reflected in the invoice you receive for the last week of camp. (This applies regardless of when you actually took the days).
  • We are currently unable to accept vouchers at this time.

Camp Logistics

  • Lunches are not provided and refrigeration is not available so pack your child’s lunch accordingly. In the event of food allergies some produces will not be permitted. It is your responsibility to make sure we are informed if your child has a specific food allergy.
  • Part of what makes camp fun are the field trips. The program includes several field trips each week. Children will ride in a school bus for field trips, and all children in attendance that day attend field trips.
  • Calendar of field trips will be distributed at open house.

         It is very important for everyone to attend open house. 

Please note: Field trip fees are included in the weekly fee, with the exception of an extra fee for the end of camp field trip. This special field trip (SECamp A and B only) is optional and an additional cost is charged. Alternative camp options for that day are not provided. Admittance, lunch, and transportation fees will be billed separately for all children who attend this extended trip.


      Summer Enrichment Camp Fees for 2018

Children of USI Parents:

Full time* $145

Part time  (3 days/week) $115

Part time  (2 days/week) $80

Children of Off-Campus Parents:

Full time* $155

Part time  (3 days/week) $120

Part time  (2 days/week) $85

*The May 28 and July 4 Holidays are prorated.


For more information please contact:

Kathy Hayden

USI Summer Enrichment Camp Supervisor


Clarissa Willis, PhD

Pott College Enrichment Liaison

If you have questions, please contact Outreach and Engagement at:

812/464-1989 or email

Contact Jamie Madigan


Send Email to