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What is an advisor?

What Is an Advisor?

Advisors are knowledgeable and collaborative in guiding students during their academic endeavors. Advising center staff interact with students, evaluate individual needs, and teach students to become self-directed learners and decision-makersYour

When you have questions or issues, please come see us. If we can't help you, we will guide you to the people or offices that can help you.

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • making advising readily available;
  • tailoring the advising approach to individual students;
  • being responsive to discussions of student's personal values and goals as they relate to academic and career-related needs;
  • providing accurate and timely information about institutional policies, procedures, resources and programs consistent with the needs and characteristics of their advisees;
  • conveying information on academic requirements, policies, and procedures as well as graduation requirements for the chosen curriculum;
  • assisting the student in identifying and pursuing educational goals and objectives and in securing information about career opportunities;
  • monitoring progress toward advisee's educational and career goals using major four-year plans, Degree Works, and other resources; and
  • being sensitive to issues relating to the student's retention at USI, and making appropriate referrals when necessary/possible.

Student Responsibilities:

  • determining a course of study that satisfies the requirements defined for the appropriate degree in the USI Bulletin;
  • scheduling and appearing promptly for appointments with the advisor when necessary;
  • preparing for an advising session by having a list of questions and courses (and alternatives) needed;
  • being knowledgeable about policies, procedures, and requirements as published in the Bulletin;
  • being prepared to discuss personal values and goals as they relate to academic and career-related needs;
  • following through with appropriate action after the advising meeting; and
  • accepting responsibility for the academic decisions to be made.

Student Learning Outcomes of Advising:

  • student knows degree requirements
  • student knows college and university policies
  • student uses an education plan to manage progress toward degree completion and goals
  • student engages with appropriate resources to meet individual needs for success
  • student appreciates how personal characteristics relate to career and life goals
  • student values having a sense of ownership of one’s educational experience

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