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Class Search and Registration

USI students can search course offerings and register online by logging on to myUSI with their username and password. Open Self Service and select Look Up Classes from the registration menu.

Degree Works

DegreeWorks offers many tools for advisors and students to track progress toward degree completion (audit), develop semester-by-semester course selections (planner), determine progress toward a different degree program ("what if" audit), and determine a potential grade point average (GPA calculator) based on certain criteria.


Credit by Exam

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Departmental Examinations

GPA Calculator


USI Academic Policies

  • Academic Records
  • Registration
  • Grades and Grading Policies
  • Policies and Procedures

Student Financial Assistance

College Scholarships and Awards

USI Scholarships and Grants

Academic Assistance Resources for Students

Academic Skills  Education Center, Room 1111 812-464-1743

  • Provide academic support services through classes and other learning assistance programs.

Tutoring Schedule

  • Math
  • Writing in the Writers’ Room - writing assignments in any class, peer writing consultants can provide students with guidance and feedback at any stage of the writing process
  • Study skills
  • Subject-based tutoring in a variety of subjects:

Academic Survival Guide

Contains helpful information to assist you academically during your time as a student at the University of Southern Indiana.

Academic Coaching

  • USI student can be paired with an Academic Coach in Academic Skills for help with specific study skills, such as:
    • Organization
    • Test Taking
    • Time Management
    • Note Taking
    • Textbook Reading

Career Counseling

  • help students assess interests and strengths
  • identify academic subjects and more about majoring in those disciplines
  • assist students with creating an academic plan
  • help students identify strategies and next steps to move on and be successful in chosen path.

Supplemental Instruction

SI Leader attends all class meetings, reads the assigned material again, and leads three voluntary study sessions per week, facilitating review of notes and discussion of class material, and modeling the study skills needed to handle the particular subject matter.

Students learn more than the subject material – they learn how to form effective study groups and gain skills that will help them excel in a wide variety of courses across the campus. SI can help all students more fully understand course material and, consequently, achieve better grades.

Strategies for College Success

  • Study strategies, subject reviews, and academic tips

College Clubs and Organizations

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