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International Travel Insurance

The department of Risk Management administers an International Travel Insurance Program that provides insurance coverage and some travel assistance for employees engaged in official university international travel.

University employees and student workers are covered under the University’s International Travel Insurance Program as set forth in the International Travel Insurance Policy. The employee program coverage includes general liability insurance, foreign voluntary workers' compensation, excess auto liability insurance, medical services, travel advice, security evacuation and repatriation services.

International Liability and Foreign Voluntary Workers' Compensation Program

The University’s International Liability and Foreign Voluntary Worker’s Compensation program covers University employees’ liability while working abroad. This policy does not cover students’ liability while studying abroad. The program includes coverage for claims arising from a third party against a University employee while engaged in University business, transportation expenses for employee injured while abroad, automobile liability for owned, leased or rented vehicles (primary auto liability insurance must be purchased in the country where the vehicle is operated), hospital admission deposits, medical monitoring, legal access and coverage to third-country nationals in the employ of the University.

Policy Description

The following is a general outline of the coverage and does not detail all of the specific exclusions and coverage limitations.  If you have questions, please contact Risk Management at (812) 465-7003.

International Commercial General Liability Coverage:
This coverage provides bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury liability protection for the University. Insureds include the University and its employees, but only for their acts within the scope of their employment by the University. There is no coverage extended for students or anyone else in the traveling party. It is highly recommended that all non-university employees be required to obtain their own insurance.

International Excess Automobile Liability Coverage:
This coverage provides automobile liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. Insureds include the University as well as anyone using a covered automobile with the University's permission; however, the auto insurance is in excess of the compulsory admitted insurance for the jurisdiction where the vehicle is licensed. This auto coverage is NOT a substitute for compulsory admitted coverage. When renting a vehicle, purchase the insurance coverage offered by the rental firm.

International Workers Compensation Coverage:
This coverage provides Workers Compensation coverage for the University's employees in the same manner as they would be covered under the laws of Indiana. The coverage is on a 24-hour basis while our employees are in foreign jurisdictions. The coverage will also pay for repatriation expense.

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