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University of Southern Indiana

Class Descriptions

Group exercise spinning class

Butts-N-Guts: A combination of lower body, abs and lower back exercises to tone, sculpt and strengthen the lower body and core.

Core & Stretch:  Mostly Core work – but additional movements added stretch and relax the body and mind.

Groove:  Groove is a fun, fast temp dance workout that will get your body moving to some of the hottest songs.  You’ll learn new tricks and moves that you can show off to family and friends.

Indoor Cycling: A class designed to increase cardiovascular fitness and leg strength.  A great break from a normal running routine.

Pilates: A series of non-impact exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance and inner awareness.

Slow Flow Yoga: Slow flow yoga is a meditative flow that practices slowing down by using a slow steady breath, holding postures, transitioning smoothly, and opening gently and mindfully with the ability to move deeper into one's body and self.

Tone IT!:  A combination of cardio and weights for a total body workout that blasts calories while toning and trimming your entire body.

WERQ:  WERQ is a wildly addictive cardio dance class based on the hottest pop and hip hop music.  The workout is non-stop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps too, so you get the best sweat.

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