University of Southern Indiana

Paperwork to Maintain your Club

Maintaining your club is vital to your future success.  Use the following checklist to make sure you stay current.

Check -mark -8-24 Keep your Orgsync page current 
Check -mark -8-24 Updated Officers / CPR & First Aid certified list
Check -mark -8-24 All members must fill out waiver / member info sheet
Check -mark -8-24 Updated Coach / Advisor Forms signed
Check -mark -8-24 Updated Constitution and Bylaws on Orgsync (if applicable) 
Check -mark -8-24 Medical Insurance Card (photocopy)
Check -mark -8-24 Identification (State ID photocopied)
Check -mark -8-24 Grades / Non-hazing release form updated (printed every semester)

If you still have questions, you can contact our office.


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