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Specific Climbing Policies

CLIMBING IS DANGEROUS! Following these policies does not ensure safe climbing. Follow all instructions given by Climbing Center staff.

Climbing Policies

  • Buddy checks are required; climber and belayer must check each other’s equipment before climbing.
  • Climbing shoes are the only personal equipment allowed to be used in the Climbing Center.
  • Climbing Center equipment must stay in the Climbing Center – this includes trips to the restrooms.
  • Climbing shoes cannot be worn outside the Climbing Center. They will scuff the facility floors. If climbing shoes are not used, you must climb with approved closed-toe shoes. Climbing Center shoes must be worn with socks.
  • Properly care for climbing equipment. Don’t step on ropes, drop or throw carabiners and belay devices, etc.
  • Follow your rope to avoid excessive swinging. Keep the rope between your arms while climbing. Maintain awareness of where a fall will take you, keeping yourself in a position to fall, swing, lower, and land safely.
  • Do not walk under climbers. Only walk behind belayers.
  • All belayers must be anchored to the daisy chain ground anchors.

Bouldering Policies

  • Climbing without a rope is allowed on the bouldering wall and top rope tower.
  • When climbing on the tower the top rope climber has the right of way.
  • Climbing on or hanging from the ceiling beam will result in loss of Climbing Center privileges.
  • Spotters and crash pads are required when bouldering.

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