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What to Expect in a Violation Situation

In many instances, alcohol and drug violations are discovered by Resident Assistants in Housing and Residence Life.

If you are aware of a violation that is occurring, you can call your Resident Assistant or Public Safety and they will address the issue for you. 

Process for Confronting Policy Violations

Residents of Housing and Residence Life
To enforce our community standards, Resident Assistants will address potential violations of the Code of Student Behavior when the Resident Assistant has a reasonable suspicion (more than a hunch, but an articulable suspicion) to believe such a violation is taking place. In those circumstances, the following will occur:

  • Resident Assistant(s) will knock on the door and identify him/herself as a Resident Assistant with Housing and Residence Life.
  • Once access to the room has been given, the Resident Assistant(s) will share why they are there.
  • Resident(s) of the space will be asked to open or show selected spaces.
  • All persons present at the time of the violation will be documented, regardless of student or resident status with the University. The University's Student Conduct Process will determine outcomes of responsibility.
  • Student Identification information will be taken. It is important to give your Eagle Access ID to the Resident Assistant(s). You are required to have this item with you at all times while on USI property. If there are guests in the space who are not students of the University, a Driver's License or other form of picture identification will be requested. Residents of Housing and Residence Life are responsible for their guests.

Resident Assistants are documenting and gathering information. They do not play a role in the outcome of the incident or Administrative Hearing. It is important to be honest and cooperative.

There are some instances (e.g. drugs) when other University personnel will be performing the search. This will be done by the Office of Public Safety. Residents will be asked to consent to a search; however, refusal to sign does not prevent the search from taking place.

If a violation is occurring in your room, and you are not actively participating or do not want the activity to take place, call your Resident Assistant or Public Safety and they will address the issue for you.

*Failure to comply with the Resident Assistant's request in any way may prompt the assistance from the Area Coordinator on Call, Public Safety, or the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office.

Commuter Students
It is important to know as a student of the University, you are expected to know and abide by the Code of Student Behavior. If under reasonable suspicion, University personnel believe a violation of the Code is occurring, s/he reserves the right to address the situation. In most instances involving commuter students, not in campus housing, the Office of Public Safety will be performing the search and seizure.

If you have questions, please contact Housing and Residence Life or the Dean of Students Office.

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