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Viewing the audit report

Page 4 of the application is the audit report screen. The audit report shows how the courses you took at other institutions will apply at USI, as well as what courses are still needed to complete your intended degree program.

The first section of the audit report displays the intended degree and major. The overall progress towards the intended degree that the articulated classes and test scores contribute to, is also displayed.

The other sections of the audit details the credits and classes that are still needed to complete specific requirements for the intended degree, major and minor. An TESS green checkbox icon indicates a completed requirement. An TESS red box icon icon denotes a requirement that has still not been met. An TESS double tilde icon indicates a requirement that is nearing completion; you should contact an advisor who will be able to help you with this requirement. The TESS at icon icon is used to substitute for any applicable course number.

To see additional information about a particular course, click on the course name.  Additional details may include information on the equivalent classes at the school, the class schedule, and equivalent classes at partner schools that may be taken to complete the requirement.

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