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Viewing articulation results

Page 3 of the application displays the results of the transfer articulation. The results are grouped by transfer college.

If a transfer class has been articulated successfully and there is an equivalent class mapped to that class at USI, an TESS Green arrow icon is displayed next to the transfer class. Place your mouse pointer over the icon to see articulation details for the class.

When the class was not articulated, either because there was no equivalent class mapped at USI, or when a class was matched to a particular mapping but a restriction on the mapping did not allow it to be articulated, a Not Transferrable message is displayed explaining the reason why.

If the transfer class matches two different mapping records, an TESS red arrow icon icon is displayed. In such cases, an administrator needs to make the choice in the real articulation; Transfer Equivalency Self-Service does not make a choice for the user or allow the user to make a choice.

An TESS red arrow icon icon is also displayed if two different transfer classes map to the same class at the USI, this is known as a duplicate situation. Place your mouse pointer over the icon to see more articulation details for the class.

A transfer class may also articulate successfully and map to more than one equivalent class at USI. In such cases, all the class names are displayed.

Note: Only those classes that are articulated successfully are included in the degree audit.

Click Next to proceed to the Audit Report screen.

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