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Selecting transfer classes

Once you select a transfer school, the list of courses offered at that school is displayed, organized by course discipline. To navigate to the actual class names, click on the TESS expand icon  icon to the left of the required course discipline folder. The list of classes under that discipline will be displayed.

To select a class, click on the name of the class and then click TESS Select button

NOTE:  If you cannot find a listing for a course you have taken at another college/university, please contact the Registrar's Office by filling out a form here.

The class details screen is displayed. Select the Grade you received for the class from the drop-down list. Click inside the Credits box and enter the credits you received for the class. For the audit, you also need to specify the Term when you took the class and the Type of Credits. If you want to use the same term for the next class that you add, select the Keep this value check box.

After entering the required information, click Add this class to My Transfer Classes. The class details are displayed in the My Transfer Work section of the screen. To modify any of the class details, click the TESS Edit buttonicon. To remove a class from the transfer work section, click the TESS Remove button

To return to the list of classes and select another one, click Select another class. Once you have all the required transfer class and test score details in the transfer work section, click Next to process the articulation.

NEXT STEP:  Entering test scores

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