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TESS Navigation bubbles

At the top of any page, the current page indicator will show your progress through the screens. The dark numbered circle indicates the page you are currently on.

TESS Previous button

Click Previous on the lower-left corner of the window to go back to the previous page. 

Note: The browser “back” button will not take you back to the previous page, but will exit Transfer-Equivalency Self-Service.

TESS Next button

Click Next on the lower-right corner of the window to go on to the next page.

TESS Save button

To save your work at any time during the session, click Save. You must be logged in to save your work. If you have not already created login credentials, you will be prompted to do so before you can save your session.

TESS Start Over button

To reset the session, click Start Over. The first page will be displayed and you can make changes to the original degree goal responses. If you are logged in to Transfer Equivalency Self-Service, the responses to these questions from the last save will be displayed. If you are not logged in, the responses to the degree goal questions will be reset to the initial values.

TESS Help button

Click to access the Transfer Equivalency Self-Service online help.

TESS Print Page button

Click to print a screenshot of the current page.

Note: For pages that may scroll longer than your browser window, you can use the Show Results option on page 5, to generate a complete report of your work in Transfer Equivalency Self-Service.

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