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Choosing a transfer school

On page 2, you can select a school, select the classes you took at that school, and enter information about those classes to be used in the audit.

The list of schools that are most commonly selected as transfer institutions is displayed first. To look for other schools, click All Schools. You can also filter the schools in the list by typing in the letters of the name of the school you want to select in the Type here to filter schools list box.

To select a school, double-click the school name, or click on the school name and then clickTESS Select button

NOTE:  If you cannot find a listing for a college/university you have attended, please contact the Registrar's Office by filling out a form here.

The list of classes offered at that school is displayed, organized by course discipline.

To return to the list of schools, click Back to School List to see the list of schools and select a different one, or to enter test score details.

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