University of Southern Indiana

BA or AA Degree

Language Requirement for Bachelor of Arts
or Associate of Arts degree

World language and culture proficiency is a requirement for the Bachelor of Arts or Associate of Arts degree. The language requirement recognizes the desirability of attaining basic mastery of a language other than one's own. To fulfill the language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts or Associate of Arts degree, a student must demonstrate proficiency through the appropriate college-level course in a single language (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, Arabic, or Chinese) by either:

  1. completing the first 12 credit hours of the language (four semesters, through 204, or higher), or
  2. completing the fourth semester of the language (204) or higher, if advanced placement is recommended.  Please see Departmental Exam policy for World Languages for further information.

Students whose native or first language is not English may request a waiver from the foreign language requirement. A student who requests a waiver must (1) certify English competency by achievement of a minimum of 500 on the written Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 173 on the computer-based version, and (2) demonstrate proficiency in the student’s native language. Students who receive an exemption from the foreign language requirement are responsible for completing the C4 Western Culture requirements (if under the University Core Curriculum) or the BS Skills requirements (if under Core 39), as well as all other credit-hour requirements for the degree.


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