University of Southern Indiana

Carnegie Application

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Elective Community Engagement Classification

I. Foundational Indicators

A. President/Chancellor's Leadership Statement

President Speeches

Campus Publications

B. Institutional Identity and Culture

USI’s Definition of Community Engagement and Engagement as a Priority

Implications of Executive Leadership Changes on Community Engagement

C.  Institutional Commitment


 Funding – External Allocations


Documentation and Assessment

Tracking Engagement with the Community

Mechanisms for Systematic Campus-Wide Assessment

Impact on Students

Impact on Institution

Professional Development

Faculty Roles and Rewards

Student Roles and Recognition

Diversity and Inclusion for students and faculty

Community Engagement – Student Retention and Success

II. Categories of Community Engagement

Service Learning

Community Engagement integrated into curricular engagement
 Student Research

Student Leadership

Student Internships/Co-ops

Study Abroad

Core Curriculum / First Year Experience / General Education

Graduate Studies

Scholarship of Engagement

B.  Outreach and Partnerships


Three examples of representative outreach programs

Examples of representative campus resources


Changes in quality, quantity and impact of partnership activity

Actions to deepen and improve partnerships

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