University of Southern Indiana

Assessment Day Volunteers

Assessment Day - Tuesday, September 11

Testing times have not been determined at this time.

Volunteers will need to be available for approximately 2.5 hours - this includes an hour before the test for instructions and to enjoy a nice meal as a thank you for helping with this important project.  

Volunteer Proctor duties include:

  • Collect testing materials from OPRA staff prior to testing time
  • Distribute testing material to students
  • Mark the roster to indicate if students are present or absent
  • Provide brief instructions to the students
  • Remain in testing room until all students have completed assigned testing and survey
  • Collect testing materials from students once they have finished testing
  • Return test materials to OPRA

Volunteer Information Table duties include:

  • Report to Information Table at least 20 minutes before the start of the test
  • Provide students with directions to assigned computer lab
  • Direct late arrivals to late testing in Rice Library

Volunteer Floater duties include:

  • Serve as a help resource for multiple proctors by resolving technical or machine issues as needed
  • Direct late students to the late testing session
  • Troubleshoot login issues
  • Fill in for proctor(s) as needed
  • Address testing material shortages (scratch paper and pencils)
  • Help students who have problems logging in to the test or who get kicked out while testing
  • Collect testing session packets from proctors at information table

If you have any questions regarding your assignment, please contact .  

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer!

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