University of Southern Indiana

Camera Loans

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During peak times of the year, or if an event does not fit the criteria for those covered by Photography and Multimedia, a photographer may not be available. In those cases, prosumer Nikon digital cameras are available for loan.

To Reserve a Camera

Fill out and submit the Camera Contract and Request Form.

All cameras are in good working order at time of loan and will have fresh batteries and an empty memory card.

Retrieving Your Images

  1. If images are needed immediately, you may download the images from the camera to your computer. (Note: If you do this, please do not delete images from the camera. We would like to download them as well for archival purposes.)
  1. Once returned, Photography and Multimedia will load the images to an online password-protected gallery free of charge to you. You will be given the password to the gallery and instructions on how to down load the photos, if needed. 

Tips and Guidelines for Taking Good Photos

Contact Photography and Multimedia


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