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Active Military Policy

Policy Concerning Students Called to Active Military Duty

This policy applies to students who, at the beginning of a semester or term, are members of the National Guard or a reserve component of one of the military services, and who are called to active military duty during that semester or term.

Upon submission of official mobilization orders and a form or letter requesting withdrawal from classes, the following will occur:

A. Students called to active military duty during the first half of the semester or term will be officially withdrawn from classes and awarded a full refund of course fees.

B. Students called to active duty during the last half of the semester or term may:

1. withdraw and receive a full refund of course fees for the semester as listed above; or

2. request incomplete grades in their courses. Course requirements for classes granted an incomplete by the instructor must be completed within one calendar year following the end of the tour of duty or the course grade will revert to the tentative grade assigned or a "W" (withdraw).

C. Those students living in University housing will have their charges for room and meal plans prorated to the date their contract is terminated. All cancellation charges will be waived. The housing deposit will be refunded provided there are no damages to the residence.

D. Those students receiving financial aid will be subject to the refund policies as provided by agencies sponsoring the aid.

E. Textbooks may be returned to the USI Bookstore (accompanied by current semester receipt or proof of purchase from the USI Bookstore) for a full refund of the cost of the textbooks.

F. Upon return from active duty, the student should contact the Veteran, Military & Family Resource Center for procedures to readmit and resume their studies.


The Department of Defense has noted that they are unsure of where and what climate the next conflict may occur.  To address that, the concept of "two weeks in the summer" is now a two week training event at any point in the training year so the military member receives the benefit of training in different climates and conditions.

This new guidance can have an impact on students as they try to complete their educational goals in a timeframe that complies with their Veteran Affairs (VA) Educational Benefits.  When that occurs, the following will occur:

A.  The service member will contact their advisor and course instructor(s) to notify them of the training requirement.  Orders may not be available at this time unless the training is less than 30-days from starting, however a Commander's Memorandum will suffice until official orders are furnished.   However, official orders must be presented when the student returns to class or withdraws.

B. With guidance from the Advisor, the student will determine if they will:

1. Remain in all classes.  Absences will be excused and all work will be made up.  Instructors must give the student an opportunity to resume all work without penalty. 

2. Withdraw from all classes.  The student may determine that a break in the courses will put them too far behind on the information to make them successful in the course.  If this occurs,  the student will make the determination to withdraw from their course load for that semester.  Students will not use this as an opportunity to reduce their course load.  When this option applies, the aforementioned policy will be in effect.  Students should contact the Veteran, Military & Family Resource Center for a withdraw worksheet.

C. In order for absences to be excused, work to be considered without penalty and withdraw policies to be in effect, the military member must produce official orders.  Commander's memorandums can not initiate or sustain this policy.

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