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Army ROTC Advanced Course

Graduate college with leadership experience

The Advanced Course takes place during your last two years in college as elective courses. It normally includes one elective class and lab each semester in addition to the requisite physical training and field training exercises, plus a summer leadership camp. You will learn advanced military tactics and gain experience in team organization, planning and decision-making. To benefit from the leadership training in the Advanced Course, all Cadets must have completed either the Basic Course or have attended the Leader's Training Course.

Entering the Advanced Course requires a commitment to serve as an Officer in the U.S. Army after you graduate. Commissioned Officers are the managers, problem solvers, key influencers and planners who lead Enlisted Soldiers in all situations.

Completing the Army ROTC Advanced Course, aligns you with the Minor in Military Science program.

Junior Year: Leading Small Tactical Units

Topics covered include:

  • Command and Staff Functions
  • Law of War
  • Weapons
  • Team Dynamics and Peer Leadership
  • Military Operations and Tactics

See the full curriculum for your junior year.

Senior Year: Transition To Becoming An Officer

Topics covered include:

  • Training the Force
  • Military Justice
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Personnel Management
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Post and Installation Support
  • Military Operations and Tactics

See the full curriculum for your senior year.

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