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Microsoft Excel 2016 Level III

Two sessions will be dedicated to the experienced Excel user to learn advanced features such as database functions, text functions, import .txt files, create advanced functions including: match/index, vlookup, countif, countifs, sumif, sumifs, if, proper, concatenate, Dbase: advanced filter options, create and edit macros, sparklines, and use data analysis using goal seek with data tables.

Note: If you also take Excel Level II, and Level IV you will earn a Certificate in Advanced Excel from USI.

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  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “I would highly recommend the Excel classes provided by USI Outreach and Engagement. The new skills I learned, as well as the refreshers, have helped me better integrate my skills in the workplace. The spreadsheets I am creating now are being used by department leadership to assist in capacity planning and decision making, which in turn saves the hospital time and money.”

    Kristin Reagan, MBA
    Capacity Analyst
    Information and Technology Services
    Deaconess Hospital

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