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Workforce Relationships Certificate

Knowing oneself and understanding others is the key to teamwork.

Every employer wants staff that works well together. In order to work with a diverse group of individuals, we must first know ourselves and then get to know how others approach work. During this course, we will cover the following topics:

HOW - through the Myers-Briggs inventory, you will learn: HOW you get your energy; HOW you take in information; whether you are a details or the big picture person; and HOW or if you plan your day. This is the HOW of the workforce relationship.

WHAT - through the DISC inventory, you will learn in WHAT way your preferences manifest themselves by being either a Dominant, Influencing, Steady or Conscientious person. This is the WHAT of the workforce relationship.

WHY - through the Emotional Intelligence inventory, you will learn WHY it is important to understand that your behavior affects your coworkers. This is the WHY of the workforce relationship.

WHO - during this session on Generations in the Workforce, you will understand how those from the four different generations approach work and life: the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, the Gen X’ers and the Millennials. This is the WHO of the workforce relationship.

A detailed, written report is issued for each inventory.

By completing this certificate program, you will become a more effective team player in your workplace environment. This certificate program is appropriate for those who work as part of a team and for those that supervise a team.

This course addresses the soft skills of leadership, communication, being a team player, confidence, resolving conflict, accepting feedback and interpersonal relationship skills.

This course provides 12 professional development credits (PDCs) for SHRM recertification. Documentation will be provided at the completion of the course.

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  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “The Workforce Relationship Certificate course was extremely educational and applicable to the workforce. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend and would highly recommend it to any age of adult seeking to improve their interactions with colleagues and customers. The instructors were professional and knowledgeable while keeping the course interesting and engaging. A wonderful experience all the way around: I gained insight I will use for the rest of my life.”

    Karlee Barton

  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “The Workforce Relationship course was very insightful; the instructors made the material very relatable and demonstrated how the tools and skills could be implemented in a work environment. After accepting a new role at work that requires more presentations with the customer I knew I needed to improve my business communications. I was a little nervous since this was my first time in a classroom for over 25 years, but I am glad I chose this course.”

    Leah Hostettler
    Service Manager
    Kings Great Buys Plus

  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    “The Workforce Relationships course was one of the best courses I have ever taken. The trainer was professional, and the material was great. The presentation was informative, and the activities were helpful. This course helped me to build a strong base about the principles of the relationships at workplace.”

    Sulaiman Okairy
    Graduate Assistant
    MBA candidate

  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    "This course taught me that learning more about yourself is the first step to working well with others. Diversity is not always an obstacle, it can be a powerful element when people know themselves. A diverse group is able to turn itself into a group of team players with complementary skills and strengths and make the best out of it.”

    Coralie Lowicki
    Graduate Assistant
    Center for International Programs

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