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Introduction To Yoga

Yoga pose

New to yoga or fallen out of practice? This class is the perfect way to ease into a yoga routine. Basic poses are taught and practiced. Poses are accessible to those with and without experience. Yoga helps to retain core strengths that are lost over time, increase flexibility and balance, while gaining peace of mind. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and towel to class.

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    What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    "As an older person, I chose to do yoga for two reasons: balance and stretching. As we age, our bodies become less active and we aren’t as sure on our feet as in younger years. Falls are common among seniors. Yoga helps you rediscover balance through poses and stretching. Yoga is my way of warding off old age!"


  • What other Lifelong Learners say about this course:

    "I like that it is a flow class, close to home and reasonably priced. Also, the time of the class is great. The instructor does a good job and is friendly."

    Terri Hall

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