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Simplex Creative Problem Solving-Level I

Simplex is a creative problem solving process that is used to identify solutions to complex problems. Many of the problems we encounter are fuzzy situations, meaning that they are ambiguous, unstructured, and do not have a clear solution. The Simplex process provides a systematic approach for problem solving that encourages innovation and creativity through critical thinking.

Simplex takes participants through 8 steps from problem finding to action, by applying creative thinking skills of diverging, converging and deferral of judgment. 

Step 1-Problem Finding
Step 2-Fact Finding
Step 3-Problem Definition
Step 4-Idea Finding
Step 5-Evaluation and Selection
Step 6-Action Planning
Step 7-Gaining Acceptance
Step 8-Action

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the value of creativity and its relationship to individual, team and organizational effectiveness
  • Display tolerance for ambiguity and unstructured problems
  • Demonstrate receptiveness to the ideas of others and appreciation for varied perspectives and problem solving styles
  • Identify the steps in the Simplex process and the skills used by facilitators and participants to effectively navigate each step
  • Apply the Simplex skills and processes to a situation and work with a team to identify an innovative solution

Contact Paula Nurrenbern at 812-461-5425 or to bring this program to your facility. It can also be paired with Simplex Complex Problem Solving Level II to provide facilitator training.

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