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Secondhand Addiction Workshop

Secondhand Addiction has a significant impact on your organization. Currently, 24 million Americans are struggling with a substance-use disorder. One in seven Americans will develop a substance-use disorder at some point in their lifetime. Substance-use disorders cost the US $442 billion every year including health care costs, lost economic productivity and criminal justice system costs. The cost to employers is upwards of $276 billion dollars yearly, but the costs run deeper than financial.

This workshop is appropriate for directors, managers, supervisors and human resource professionals because many of those suffering are either employed or have loved ones who are employed by organizations like yours.

The workshop, presented by Andre’a Grace-Phillips, ACC, NCFRC, Addiction Policy Forum (APF) Indiana chapter state chair, will address the following:

  • The costs to your organization
  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms
  • Effective prevention strategies
  • On-site recovery resource options
  • How your company culture is impacted
  • Local evidence-based resources available
  • Increase awareness and increase productivity
  • Ways to track results

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