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Principles of Crisis Management

Data Breach? Workplace Violence? Natural Disaster? Executive Misconduct?

Are you prepared?

Leaders must be prepared to manage a myriad of events that can affect their business. To be effectively prepared for a crisis, the entire team must have the knowledge and skills they need to successfully manage the crisis event.

Crisis can occur in any size organization and can be escalated by employee fear or not knowing what to do. Our one-day workshop begins with crisis risk assessment and provides the tools to respond through the changing environment. 

The workshop is divided into two parts: interactive learning which walks through the life cycle of crisis management and simulation where participants role play and experience practicing each of the phases to embed crisis management knowledge and skills.

Upon course completion, participants will be able to identify the following:

  • The difference between an issue and a crisis
  • What “horizon scanning” is and when it should occur
  • How to prepare your organization for a crisis
  • The components for an effective crisis response
  • Planning for recovery
  • How to improve

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