University of Southern Indiana

Managing your Time and Setting Priorities

Do you feel overwhelmed by a growing list of tasks? Do you have back-to-back work days being non-stop busy yet no closer to completing important projects? This course will teach proven time management strategies and techniques for making the best use of your time. Participants will learn ways to take control of their workload by setting priorities and eliminating common obstacles that stand in the way of increased efficiency and productivity. This course involves exercises that will equip learners with the knowledge and tools essential to using their time more effectively and efficiently, with the main activities focused on their priorities.

 Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this six-hour course, participants will have the information to: 

  1. Use a system for setting priorities for personal and professional goals.
  2. Organize daily and weekly timelines to focus on those priorities.
  3. Recognize obstacles to focus on important tasks and identify the method that works best to eliminate or alleviate those obstacles.
  4. Identify time management tools and resources to use.

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