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Family Farm Transfer and Estate Planning

Farm families have unique needs when it comes to estate planning and transfer of assets for the family farm operation to continue. This non-credit informational class is designed to provide guidance on the planning process and is appropriate for any member of the farm family to attend.

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy, estates of all sizes will benefit from advance planning. An estate plan helps to establish goals to guide a successful transfer and how to distribute property and farm operations. Learn how to form the framework for succession planning decisions.

Transferring property or operations to family members can happen at many stages, learning about estate and gift taxes allows for more informed decisions. Participants will learn how planning now can help reduce taxes on the transfer of appreciated farmland and address the settlement problems that may arise because land is not a liquid asset.

The class will also talk about pros and cons of various entities including:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Corporation

For more information, contact Paula Nurrenbern, manager, customized solutions, at  or 812-461-5425. 

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