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Effective Employee Retention Strategies

A compelling four hour workshop for Managers and Leaders. Employee job satisfaction and engagement should be considered key ingredients of an employee retention program.  This program will help identify retention challenges leaders might face and the reasons employees leave, the cost of replacing their star performers and strategic plans for retaining their key employees. 

The importance of addressing these factors is generally well understood by most leaders/managers, but doing so takes time, so these tasks are often overlooked. However, the payoff of employee retention can result in increased performance, productivity, morale, quality of work, plus a reduction in both turnover and employee-related problems, is worth the investment of time and financial resources. It is about helping managers become talent focused to win loyalty and commitment from staff.

 Learning objectives:

  • Increase manager awareness of the importance of engaging and retaining employees
  • Introduce practical strategies and tools to help managers make a difference
  • Identify retention and engagement challenges within their department or organization
  • Identify star performers who might be at risk
  • Equip managers with action plans to address retention of star performers
  • Begin a sustainable, repeatable, and predictable talent management effort
  • Create retention goals and accountability to become more talent focused

Organizations are encouraged to bring data on turnover, reasons for turnover and hard/soft costs by position to be used in class.

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