University of Southern Indiana

Certificate in Workforce Relationships

Knowing oneself and understanding others is the key to teamwork

Every employer wants staff that works well together. In order to be able to work with a diverse group of individuals, we must first know ourselves and then get to know how others approach work. During the four sessions:

WHAT-Session 1
Through the Myers-Briggs assessment, you will learn how you get your energy, how you take in information, are you a big picture or a detail-oriented person and whether you prefer to have your day planned exactly or are comfortable with flexibility and change. This is the WHAT of the workforce relationship.

HOW-Session 2
Through the DISC assessment, you will learn the way in which your preferences manifest themselves by being either a Dominant, Influencing, Steady or Conscientious person. This is the HOW of the workforce relationship.

WHY-Session 3
During the session on Emotional Intelligence, you will learn the importance of understanding that your behavior affects your coworkers. This is the WHY of the workforce relationship.

WHO-Session 4
During the session on Generations in the Workforce, you will understand how those from the four different generations approach work. The Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, The Gen Xer’s and the Millennials. This is the WHO of the workforce relationship. 

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