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Certificate in Customer Service Excellence

Customer service is not a department. It is a philosophy to be embraced by every employee, from the CEO to the most recently hired. The average company loses up to half its customers every year due to poor customer service, equating to $75 billion annually in losses. Having well-trained and skilled employees who can handle a variety of situations while reflecting a positive image for the company are a true asset. Poor employee behavior or employees who lack customer service skills can damage a company's reputation.

We offer training courses for employees to learn how to provide excellent customer service. Each course is designed as a four-hour module, but courses can be combined to provide a customized certificate in Customer Service Excellence to best fit the needs of your organization.

 Customer Support Skills Training

  • Participants in this course will develop an understanding of company goals and customer expectations, for both internal and external customers. They will also learn the importance of telephone etiquette and building rapport with customers.

Corporate Behavior and Customer Service Standards

  • This course covers the science of behavior and the benefits of customer service standards as they relate to customers and companies. Poor behavior leads to a negative reputation.

 Dealing with Customer Objections

  • Participants in this course will learn to understand customer objections, recognize strategies to overcome objections and learn how to deflate objections to close the sale. Part of overcoming objections is understanding the factors behind them.

 The following course options are offered in partnership with Developmental Dimensions International. To gain the most benefit from the material, we recommend selecting the courses in this order and we will work with you to determine how to best meet your needs.

 Communicating with Impact

  • This course provides participants with skills that enable them to communicate more effectively with colleagues and customers to build trust, strengthen partnerships and achieve desired results. Developing strong interpersonal skills, helps transform employees into exceptional performers.

 Taking the Heat

  • The potential of lost business increases when the employee does not respond appropriately to a dissatisfied customer. This course equips learners with essential skills to help turn dissatisfied, upset customers into satisfied, loyal ones.

 Navigating Beyond Conflict

  • This course allows participants to recognize the warning signs of conflict, how to prevent situations from escalating and how to work out the conflict if it does escalate. This allows them to mitigate any negative impact, thus reducing the cost of conflict and improving business results.

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