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Maximilian Bodmer illustrations
Maximilian-Bodmer Exhibition

Located in the Lichtenberger Building

In 1832 naturalist Prince Alexander Philipp Maximilian (1782-1867), ruler of the small state of Neuwied, Prussia [now in Germany], conducted one of the earliest expeditions to the American West to record the natural history of the region. Accompanying him were Swiss-born artist Karl Bodmer, who produced numerous drawings illustrating their travels, and David Dreidoppel, Maximilian's servant and a skilled hunter-taxidermist. Although Maximilian and Bodmer were not the first to explore the American West and record their observations, they were the first team combining a trained, dedicated scientist with an especially skilled illustrator, whose collaboration resulted in a work of unique historical, scientific and aesthetic importance. 

This exhibition includes a French edition of Maximilian's narrative of the two-year expedition (which included significant time in New Harmony), Travels in the Interior of North America 1832 to 1834. His account was published in Paris by subscription from 1839-41 and includes 81 etchings by Bodmer.  Today, there are fewer than twenty known editions of Maximilian's work in the United States. 

The Maximilian-Bodmer Exhibition is available on our 1 p.m. tours. 

Please note that tribal and individual names used in the titles and gallery texts are synthesized from Maximilian’s published travel journals and modern orthography, with some minor deviations. 

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