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Maximilian-Bodmer Exhibit

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New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art 

The mission of New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art is to provide a not-for-profit (non-commercial) exhibition space for current Midwestern artists and to promote discourse about and access to contemporary art in the southern Indiana region. Since its inception in 1975, New Harmony Gallery has provided an exhibition space for young and mid-career artists to show their work in a professional setting; and further, to provide a venue for contemporary art to the general public. The cornerstone of the Gallery’s mission is education and access through a carefully planned series of eight exhibitions per year. The exhibition series, which explores contemporary art concepts, is intended to provide increased opportunity for artists and the public to engage in discourse on and about the arts and culture.

The gallery features
  • eight exhibitions annually
  • educational programming for school children
  • co-sponsorship of a visiting artist program with
    the University of Southern Indiana Art Department
  • specialized art tours of the gallery and Historic New Harmony
  • consignment space featuring works by more than 100 regional artists
  • conservation framing

Richmond Group Exhibition
Located in the Scholle House

Discover the art of the Richmond Group, a late 19th century group of primarily self-taught, plein-air artists in Wayne County. They were among the earliest group of painters associated with a specific city and were important components of a rich cultural scene in
Richmond, IN.

This is an exhibition from the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites and the Richmond Art Museum. Learn more about the Richmond Group.

The exhibit can be seen on Historic New Harmony’s guided walking tours. Tours take place at 1 pm daily from the Atheneum/Visitors Center. Information on the tour program and how to obtain tickets may be found here. The exhibition was produced by the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

Maximilian Bodmer illustrations
Maximilian-Bodmer Exhibit

Located in the Lichtenberger Building

A unique collection of original aquatints and etchings documenting an important expedition to the Western United States. This expedition has connections to the New Harmony scientific community, due to its long stay in town.

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