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SEPTEMBER 2021 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
If you’ve liked us on Facebook, you might have noticed that each month this year there’s been a bit of a theme to most of our posts. As a part of our Robert Owen 250th Celebration, we’ve picked one topic each month to focus on in regard to Owen’s immense legacy. This month we’re looking at his global impact. Learn more about Robert Owen's international legacy

Lessons During a Pandemic Year, A Utopian Tour Guide Perspective
While our daily historic tours have continued throughout the last year, changes were made to keep our staff and visitors safe. Hear from Historic New Harmony tour guide Heidi Doss as she shares the lessons learned during a pandemic year

Robert Owen 250th Creative Writing Contest
The winners have been announced and the first piece is published! Read the winner of the 13-17 age group

NHGCA Update
Describing Language: Thinking Through Access and Communication continues through October 2. Hear from Iris as she shares other updates from the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art

Maclure has returned to New Harmony!
Maclure of New Harmony by Leonard Warren has returned to the shelves of the Museum Shop in the Atheneum. This masterfully written book follows the twists and turns of William Maclure's life. Learn more about this book

AUGUST 2021 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
On July 1st, Claire Eagle was named the Interim Assistant Director of Historic New Harmony. Hear from Claire in her first update as Interim Assistant Director

Advisory Board Spotlight
For Linda Warrum, New Harmony is home. She first became a resident of Posey County in 1976, moving to New Harmony in 1999 when she also became a tour guide for Historic New Harmony. After 20 years, Linda retired from Historic New Harmony last year. Read more about how Linda is staying involved with Historic New Harmony in her retirement

Describing Language: Thinking Through Access and Communication Opens August 21
The way someone can communicate to another person can be the point where they can access their needs, wants or desires. This upcoming exhibition serves as a laboratory for examining the ways in which language and other methods of communication allow or deny people resources and opportunities. Learn more about the exhibition and partnerships that made it happen

What's New in the Museum Shop?
Meditation and prayer were a fundamental aspect of the Harmonist religion. In honor of the legacy of the Harmonists and their dedication to meditation and prayer, we offer several items in our Museum Shop to aid you in your spiritual journey. Read more about those items

Historic Candle Dipping Demonstration
Harmonists needed hundreds of candles a day to light their homes, church and businesses. Hear from Historic New Harmony Interpreter Becky Smyth as she demonstrates how the Harmonists made candles during the early 1800's

JULY 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
As we launch into a new season and prepare for many activities that we missed out on last summer, it’s so exciting to see businesses, venues, events and opportunities opening back up. With that said, my update this month is really a parting “thank you”… a sincere and heartfelt “thank you.” Hear more from Dan Mason in his last update as Assistant Director

Restocks at the Museum Shop
After a busy spring and start to the summer, the Museum Shop is all about restocks this month. Read more to see which items are coming back

Reflections on New Harmony 
For Katie Waters, and many others, New Harmony is a special place. As she begins her tenure as the Chair of the Historic New Harmony Advisory Board, she's shared some of her favorite memories. Read more from Katie

USI Alumna Returns to the NHGCA
This month, USI alumna Jennifer Niswonger returns to southern Indiana for her solo exhibition of recent paintings—News FeedLearn more about News Feed and Jennifer Niswonger

New Harmony State Historic Site Update
For the first time in over 20 years, all rooms on the second floor, of Community House no. 2, that are not designated for artifact storage, will be open to the public. Finishing touches are happening now on the last room on that floor. Read more about the changes at Community House no. 2

JUNE 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
To put it bluntly, New Harmony is back; visitors, students, educators and shoppers are returning and the Historic New Harmony Team has been quite busy lately. Read more about what the HNH team has been working on

What's New in the Museum Shop?
While most people know about Lewis and Clark and their expedition across America, the expedition of Prince Maxamillian and Karl Bodmer is lesser known but still equally as important. Historic New Harmony’s collection includes a set of Bodmer’s prints documenting the expedition. You may view it, as requested, through our daily tour. To celebrate that expedition and the collection, we have added several items to our Museum Shop. Learn more about the new items

Advisory Board Spotlight
Dr. Michael (Mike) Strezewski first visited New Harmony in 1997 as a graduate student at Indiana University. He was struck by how this “little town” had maintained a distinct identity almost 200 years after it was founded. Years later, he would become a professor at the University of Southern Indiana and become very involved in New Harmony. Read more about Mike's interest and work in New Harmony

Beautification Grant Update
The Efroymson Family Fund Historic New Harmony Beautification Grants are making beautiful things happen! Since this grant program was introduced in November 2020, several projects have been approved, funded and completed. Learn more about the projects that have been completed

NHGCA Update
Join the Gallery for a conversation with the artists and curator of Sapientia Gloria Corona EstFind more info here

MAY 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
It goes without saying that volumes can be and are written about the life and philosophies of Robert Owen. The interpretations of his work and beliefs vary just as greatly. Read more from Dan on one of our most frequently asked questions

Spring at the David Lenz House and Garden
Another year of planting has begun! Read more in an update from volunteer Kent Schuette

Sapientia Gloria Corona Est Opens this Weekend
Featuring works by Indiana artists Audrey Barcio and Rachel Leah Cohn, the exhibition is a part of of the ongoing Social Alchemy partnership with Indianapolis-based Big Car Collaborative. Learn more about the exhibition and upcoming programing

HNH Properties Available for Rent Once Again
After more than a year, our properties are again available for rent! Learn more about one of our most popular rental properties

Robert Owen’s Economic Experiment at New Harmony
Of the many reasons we celebrate the life and legacy of Robert Owen, perhaps the least talked about, is the practical and pragmatic application of his socialist economic ideas at New Harmony. Learn more about Robert Owen and his economic beliefs

APRIL 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
Right now, as we look to kick off so many wonderful efforts, it’s clear that one of our greatest blessings is “partnership.” No matter the scope, no matter the topic, Historic New Harmony has exceptional partners making great things happen... the right way. Learn more about just a few of our current partnerships

Then and Now on Exhibit at the Atheneum
If you took a tour with us last year, you might have seen Then and Now: Snapshots of Posey County’s Ever-Changing Landscape, on exhibit at Thrall’s Opera House. After a quick update, it's been moved to the Atheneum! Read more about the exhibit

What's New in the Museum Shop?
As part of the celebration for the Robert Owen 250th, we have created a marvelous print of Robert Owen that can be purchased at the museum shop. See the print here

Advisory Board Spotlight
New Harmony residents and avid University of Southern Indiana supporters, David and Vicki Campbell started dating in New Harmony and ultimately made Utopia their home nearly 20 years ago. As you can imagine, this town is special to the Campbells and so is Historic New Harmony. 
Read more about David and Vicki's vision for HNH

Weaving Water now open at the NHGCA
Featuring new works by textile artist Laura Foster Nicholson, the exhibition runs from March 28 to May 8. Learn more about the exhibition and upcoming programing

MARCH 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
After a few weeks of (generally welcomed) snowstorms and low temperatures, it truly feels like spring has officially arrived in New Harmony—the start of another magical season on the Wabash. Residents and visitors are again safely returning to public spaces and taking in the wonderful air, sun and sights of Utopia. Read more about our upcoming season

Daily Historic Tours Start March 16th
Welcome back to another season here in Utopia! Read more about the continued safety measures we are taking during out daily tours

New Harmony Welcomes new NHGCA Gallery Manager
At the beginning of the month Iris Williamson began her tenure as the gallery manager. Learn more about Iris

Beautification Grants Still Available!
Well, it does seem that spring has made its way to New Harmony again… it’s just a matter of time before daffodils make their appearance and trees begin to bud. As you or your organization make plans for projects this season, we want to remind you of the wonderful beautification grants still available! Learn how to apply

New Harmony State Historic Site Update
In 1937, The Daughters of the Minerva Society installed a large plaque on the side of “The Old Fauntleroy Home,” commemorating those individuals who had lived and worked in the house over the years. Read more about this plaque and its new home

FEBRUARY 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
As we kick off a new year and new season, one of the key projects that the team and I are working on is caring for and refreshing the Historic New Harmony collection of about 2,200 artifacts. Working with the University of Southern Indiana, the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, and with our Collections Review Committee (CRC), we are about to move to a new technology platform to manage the items, re-inventory, re-photograph, address items that have been deaccessioned from the collection or need to be added and just physically dust things off.  Read more about the work we are doing

NHGCA Update
Each year, the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art partners with the New Harmony Clay Project to showcase their resident artists. From February 6-March 20, 2021, work from artists Cori Crumrine, Maxwell Mustardo, Alisha Porter and Amanda Straeffer will be exhibition at the gallery. Learn more about the artists

History Lesson, Robert Owen’s Life and Legacy
In March, we'll kick off a celebration of Robert Owen like no other. Learn more about Robert Owen before the celebration begins

HNH Welcomes New Intern
HNH welcomed a new intern in January. Veronica Portillo, a junior at the University of Southern Indiana, will be assisting in the planning of our Robert Owen 250th Celebration. Read more about our new intern Veronica 

Maintenance Update
You’re about to see a lot of construction around New Harmony! Learn more about the upcoming projects

Welcome Back!
Here at the Atheneum, we are planning to reopen on March 2nd. Our hours will be 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesdays through Sundays. You’ll notice that we are going to continue to close on Mondays, to ensure the weekends are properly staffed. Read more about our re-opening

DECEMBER 2020/JANUARY 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
Like many in the field of historic sites and museums, we are working hard to understand the 2021 landscape as much as we can, even if it’s just the first and second quarter. What are the early trends and data saying relative to overall travel, events, programming and historic sites… the $64K question for sure. 

The University has identified four core values for USI: Quality Education, Focus on Learning, Sense of Community and Engagement. This is where our 2021/2022 Historic New Harmony planning begins and maps back to. 
Read more about what we are planning in 2021

2020 In Review
This time last year the Historic New Harmony team, fully staffed after nearly two years, were deep in the throes of planning Heritage Artisans Days and Crossroads: Change in Rural America and dreaming of ways that we could improve our wonderful site in 2020. Things might not have gone exactly how we planned, but the HNH team worked hard to continue our mission while staying safe. Read more about what we accomplished this year

NHGCA Update
Though buying local is always an important investment in your fellow community members, it is especially important this year. When finishing your holiday shopping be sure to visit the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art’s Gallery Shop for a one-of-a-kind gift giving experience. Learn more about just some of the items available

Advisory Board Thank You
The successes of Historic New Harmony in the 2019-2020 program year have been significant in spite of the pandemic and economic uncertainties we all faced this year. Our pride in what has been accomplished over the past year comes from the enduring support of our many friends, both long-time  and newly-engaged. Indeed, with the help of all our supporters and Advisory Board members, planning for the 2020-2021 program year continues to develop with some major projects underway. Hear more from Ed Jones, Chair of the Historic New Harmony Advisory Board

New Harmony State Historic Site Update
After some recent organizing efforts in the storage barn located beside The Fauntleroy Home, Mike and Tony discovered some very dated architectural elements! Learn more about where these pieces came from and what they're doing with them

Atheneum Update
The Atheneum 40th Anniversary Celebration in October of 2019, resulted in not only pulling together amazing supporters from near and far, but also the raising of much needed restoration funds to preserve this icon of modern architecture. Read more about what we have been able to accomplish this year

Gallery Thank You
In a unique year, the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art staff went above and beyond. Hear from Leslie Townsend, Director of Community Engagement and Historic New Harmony as she shares her thanks for all their hard work

NOVEMBER 2020 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
Our wonderful visionary, Jane Blaffer Owen, quoted local businessman and philanthropist Kent Parker, in her book saying, “You do not pick New Harmony, New Harmony picks you.” 

When welcoming people to Historic New Harmony for a visit or project (especially after this busy fall), the visitors often have the same initial impression. When you turn off I-64 onto I-69 and get closer to New Harmony, you exhale, your blood pressure goes down and you relax. Is it the soil? Is it a ‘thin space’? - who said this initially? Honestly, who knows, but it’s real and it seems that you get it, or you don’t. Read more of Dan Mason's update

Atheneum Museum Shop Showcases Our Community
Our Museum Shop is full of items created by members of our fantastic community; from books to redware mugs and plates. Learn more about the items available in the shop from members of our community

New Harmony State Historic Sites Update
Every so often the Harmonist Labyrinth in New Harmony needs some pruning to keep it healthy, and the labyrinth will be getting some much-needed trimming work done in December.  Read more about the upcoming work

NHGCA Update
The NGHCA continues its partnership with the New Harmony Clay Project with Filled Up. Learn more about the latest exhibition at NHGCA

Advisory Board Spotlight
This month, the Historic New Harmony team has been reflecting on the people that make this community unlike any other. For Andrew Wilson, a lifelong resident, it wasn’t until he joined the advisory board that he realized our community extends well beyond the town’s physical boundaries. Andrew said it best, “There are many people, near and far, that truly care about New Harmony’s success.” The advisory board is full of those people that continue to share New Harmony’s history and culture all over the world. Read more about Andrew Wilson's love for his home town

OCTOBER 2020 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
I’m feeling a bit philosophical as I write this month’s Historic New Harmony update. We have an important event coming up that may seem small (even questionable to some), but I believe it means a lot. 

At Historic New Harmony, the day-to-day and future planning efforts often revolve around many different concepts as we work to fulfill our mission and serve as a differentiator for the University of Southern Indiana. Concepts such as historic preservation, cultural exchange and development and community engagement are just a few.  Read more of Dan Mason's update

New Harmony State Historic Sites Update
In 2011, the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites began a major renovation of Community House 2, with a total repainting using historically documented colors. New exhibits were installed on the first floor that detailed the history of the building, and the print shop was reinstalled in its original location on the third floor. Find out about the newest updates to Community House 2

What's New in the Museum Shop?
In celebration of the 41st anniversary of the dedication of the Atheneum on October 10, we would like to showcase the original Richard Meier conceptual Atheneum prints. These exclusive prints are of the original concept designs created by Richard Meier in 1975. Learn more about the Richard Meier conceptual Atheneum prints

Avant-Garde in the Cornfields wins editing award
Just like the town of New Harmony, the book Avant-Garde in the Cornfields has taken on many revisions and had many contributors adding chapters to its story.  

The book’s seven chapters highlight the modern architecture of Philip Johnson’s Roofless Church, Frederick Kiesler’s Grotto, Richard Meier’s Atheneum and Jane Blaffer Owen’s gardens that live in harmony with the buildings and footprint of the original 1800s community.  Read more about the award 

Something New
Every time I visit New Harmony, I experience something new. After having dinner at the Red Geranium with my wife, Tracey, we last week, slowly walked through Tillich Park. It’s a little space with tall evergreens swaying above an ocean of pine needles. Walking through the park and reading each of the quotations carved in the stones was relaxing, thought provoking and meaningful. While the park is more than 50 years old, it still seems fresh and relevant today.  Learn more about Richard McCoy's visit to New Harmony

NHGCA Update
While Collective Cure has come to a close, it is available to see online at the gallery website for those who were not able to view it in person. Mythologies of Memory is now open.  Learn more about the latest exhibition at NHGCA

NHGCA was named as beneficiary of the “Arts Trust Project" 
The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced that contributions to the Arts Trust endowment through license plate sales, along with funds from the IAC's appropriation from the Indiana General Assembly, are supporting Arts Project Support grants across the state. Read more about the “Arts Trust Project" 

SEPTEMBER 2020 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
I’m a firm believer that the greatest contribution that Mrs. Owen made to our amazing town was her power of connection. She brought relationships, talent, visionaries, architects, artists and people looking to make a difference to the human experience in our corner of southwestern Indiana and the world. I bring this up because her name, vision and impact are on the lips of the educators and visitors that my team and I at Historic New Harmony have the pleasure of working with each day. The reverberation of her time here can still be felt and is still inspiring. Read more about the foundational role I see Historic New Harmony playing now and moving forward

Advisory Board Spotlight
Although Mary Beth Guard visited New Harmony many times as a child, it wasn’t until her visit in 2013 that she truly fell in love with this little town’s magic. She finally experienced the unique atmosphere of New Harmony, “steeped in rich and interesting history” and “surrounded by beauty.” What makes Mary Beth one of our strongest supporters is her desire to play a role in the future of New Harmony. As she puts it simply, “Historic New Harmony helps me do so.” Learn more about Mary Beth Guard's passion for New Harmony

What's New in the Museum Shop?
If you haven’t been by the Museum Shop lately, now is definitely the time to check it out! New pieces from Tom Wintczakat Bee Tree Pottery are now availableTom’s pieces are similar to those the Harmonists would have used, but with a little bit more flair. See pieces of Bee Tree Pottery here

Observations and Open Windows
Upon arriving to New Harmony, I felt an instant sense of place and tranquility. The magic of New Harmony is powerfully quiet. Spending a week at the James Sanders Scholars Retreat House provided me with time and space, and an opportunity to be still and to connect to something greater. This may seem simple, yet it's complex to be still, to observe and to be open to the New Harmony magnetism that is offered. Learn more about Kathryn Armstrong, Columbus Area Arts Council Executive Director's visit to New Harmony

NHGCA Update
As the Fall Semester has begun, we welcome our new James SandersGallery Fellow, Masor BorowiakMasor is a senior graphic design and illustration major at USI. She was a student worker in theMcCutchanArt Center and Pace Galleries last academic year and has expressed interest in developing marketing media. We have developed a list of projects for her to work on over the semester to both give her the firsthand experience of working in a gallery as well as help her develop practical experience that coincides with her interests, background and future academic and career goals. Learn more about what is happening at the NHGCA

AUGUST 2020 Edition

Assistant Director’s Update
We take great pride in the “living classroom” that Historic New Harmony cares for and presents daily to students, educators, residents and visitors from around the world. New Harmony and its thousand-year history are meant to be experienced first-hand so one can smell the air, sense the magic of the space and be delighted at each turn.  However, we have learned first-hand that the COVID-19 crisis is rapidly transforming the cultural landscape and the way audiences experience museums and historic sites. Read more about Historic New Harmony's programming 

Advisory Board Spotlight
Lisa Brooks became a resident of New Harmony four and a half years ago but was a frequent visitor for 20 years after discovering Utopia on a “Best Places to Visit Before You Die” list. The day she finished Jane Blaffer Owen’s book, New Harmony, Indiana: Like  A River, Not A Lake, was the day she purchased their home in New Harmony, proving that Mrs. Owen’s vision and legacy continue to be a powerful influence. Learn more Lisa Brook's love for New Harmony

What’s New in the Museum Shop?
Hot off the press! Our new walking tour booklets are in and officially for sale at the Museum Shop. Depending on what your interests are, we have a variety of books for sale. Check out our public art, history and children's activity book and much more.

NHGCA Update
“Collective Cure” will run from August 22 through October 2 featuring 27 works by 15 regional and international artists. Check out August's Staff Picks of Consignment artists: Laura Foster Nicholson, Julie Matos, Adena Griffith, Dawn Murtaugh and Keith Armstrong. See more Gallery updates.

New Harmony State Historic Sites Update
Often, we stumble over history right in front of us without realizing it. Case in point, the attic of Thrall’s Opera House. During a recent routine security inspection, a pile of old material in the corner that looked like it came from a gas station was pointed out to Mike Linderman. Check out what was found in Thrall's Opera House.

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