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JULY 2022 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
July brings both joy and sadness when it comes to the Historic New Harmony Advisory Board. It means welcoming new excited supporters, but also saying goodbye to some fantastic members. Read more about the Historic New Harmony Advisory Board

Atheneum Maintenance Update
Work on the Atheneum roof started this week! As work continues, the entire roof, second and third floors will be closed off to the public, including the Clowes Theater and the 1824 town model. Learn more about the work being completed

ISMHS Update
On June 4, the Indiana State Museum hosted a beekeeping class in Community House No. 2 titled “Beekeeping 101.” Hear from Jess as she shares more about the program

Second Saturday Programming Continues
This year seems to be flying by! We’re now halfway through the year (and our New Harmony Second Saturday programing). As our first year participating in Second Saturday, we’ve worked hard on developing a new and exciting program each month. Learn more about upcoming Second Saturdays

JUNE 2022 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
Excitement is building in the HNH Office regarding our Lilly Religion and Cultural Institution Initiative planning grant. The survey is completed, results are being studied, site visits are being made and the possibilities seem endless. Read more about the planning grant process

The Atheneum
In March, Paul was contacted by a group of students from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology in Xi'an, China. Their professor wanted them to have a deeper understanding of famous architects and their buildings. Read more about their work with the Atheneum

The Harmonist Brick Church and the “Door of Promise”
As we celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the "Door of Promise," learn more about the history of the Harmonist Brick Church in this month's History Lesson

NHGCA Update
Over the next few weeks, the gallery side of New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art will be closed for some exciting facilities upgrades. Learn more about these upgrades

MAY 2022 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
The HNH team has been incredibly busy, and we just didn’t get an April newsletter released. It felt weird not sitting down to write my monthly article, but it’s a new month and we’re ready to get back on track! Read more from Claire

“The Golden Troupe Superb Silver Band and Orchestra” Now Open in Thrall's Opera House
The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites is once again utilizing the space in Thrall’s Opera House to display a new exhibit on New Harmony’s Golden family. “The Golden Troupe Superb Silver Band and Orchestra” gives visitors an insight into the band that supported one of the most popular theatrical companies of the late 1800s.  Learn more about the exhibit

A Note from HNH’s Spring Student Worker
This semester, Hanna Clark, a senior at USI double majoring in political science and world languages and cultures with a focus in Spanish, assisted our team with the Religion and Cultural Institutions Initiative II planning grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. Read more about how she helped

More Perfect Places: A Theatrical Celebration of the Past, Present and Future
More Perfect Places, a play inspired by New Harmony’s utopian history, also invites you to imagine what the future holds for this unique community. Free performances will take place at Thrall’s Opera House June 10-11, 2022. Learn more about More Perfect Places

NHGCA Update
On April 30, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art opened “Residence VI,” an exhibition featuring ceramics by recent New Harmony Clay Project (NHCP) artists-in-residence. Learn more about the artists included in this exhibition 

MARCH 2022 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
While names like George Rapp and Robert Owen dominate our historical record, the women of New Harmony played just as an important role. From Gertrude Rapp and Frances Wright to Mary Emily Fauntleroy and Jane Blaffer Owen, this town wouldn't be what it is today without them and others. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I wanted to share with you a few of those women who I greatly admire. Learn more about the New Harmony women I admire

Museum Shop Update
Welcome back to another season with Historic New Harmony! As we start this new season, there are some new items in the museum shop that are definitely worth checking out. Read more about what's new

NHGCA Update
Visualizing Spaces opens March 12 (New Harmony’s Second Saturday), featuring work by regional and national artists examining ideas around what utopia is, and for whom. Learn more about the artists included in this exhibition 

Adventures through the Archives
As a new manager of the Indiana State Museum’s historic sites in New Harmony, it has been my duty for the last four months to inventory, photograph and catalogue the thousands of artifacts the state museum stores in Community House No. 2. Read more about Jess' favorite artifacts

FEBRUARY 2022 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
We’re often asked if things are slow when the tour season ends and winter arrives. The truth is, not at all! The first few weeks of the year are all about preparation for the next tour season and the year ahead. Things have seemed especially busy this time around, as we have so many exciting things happening at HNH. Read more about what's happening

HNH Welcomes New Student Worker
In late January, HNH welcomed a new student worker. Hanna Clark, a senior at USI double majoring in political science and world languages and cultures with a focus in Spanish, will be assisting our team with the Religion and Cultural Institutions Initiative II planning grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. Learn more about Hanna

Devout & Disciplined: Harmonists in New Harmony, 1814-1824 on Exhibit on USI's Campus
Devout & Disciplined: Harmonists in New Harmony, 1814-1824, shares the continuing story of religious separatists seeking refuge in America from the strict formation of the German Lutheran Church. The exhibition includes artifacts from the Working Men's Institute and Historic New Harmony collections. Read more about this exhibition

NHGCA Update
In spite of snow days and COVID outbreaks, Vanessa Viruet’s solo exhibition PAÑUELXS is up and on view through March 5, 2022. Hear more from Iris as she shares what's next

DECEMBER 2021/JANUARY 2022 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
When this year started, there were still a lot of unknowns as to what we’d be able to accomplish, but after weathering the storm of 2020, the Historic New Harmony team felt prepared to take on whatever came our way. We were ambitious as we began planning our 2021 season, and I’m happy to report that very little of what we planned did not come to fruition. Read more about we accomplished this year

A Look Ahead
As you read in Claire’s report on our activities and programs in 2021, the Historic New Harmony team was busy and is looking ahead to 2022 which shows no sign of stopping! At the top of our “To Do” list is embarking on a new strategic plan. This will inform our direction, priorities and engagement for the next five years. Learn more about what we have planned for 2022

Christmas Traditions
The way we celebrate Christmas had changed dramatically throughout the years. Read more about how New Harmony residents have celebrated in the past

NHGCA Update
The new year will start with a short break at the Gallery with PAÑUELXS opening January 22. Learn more about this upcoming exhibition

Robert Owen 250th Creative Writing Contest
Our Robert Owen 250th Celebration is coming to an end, which means our second and first place winners are now published! Read all the winning pieces

NOVEMBER 2021 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
When I sat down to write my update this month, I was at a bit of a loss. Not because I had nothing to report—quite the opposite in fact. The HNH staff has been so busy in the last month wrapping up our daily tour season and our Robert Owen 250th celebration, hosting Water/Ways and even looking ahead to next year (you’ll hear more details about what we have planned in next month’s newsletter). I just couldn’t decide what to share and then it hit me... Read more about what HNH is thankful for this year

NHGCA Update
The NHGCA continues its partnership with the New Harmony Clay Project with Filled Up 2: A Ceramic Cup Show. Learn more about the latest exhibition

New Harmony State Historic Site Welcomes Site Coordinator
On October 25th, Jess began her tenure at the New Harmony State Historic Site. Learn more about Jess

Robert Owen 250th Creative Writing Contest
Our third place winner is all the way from England! Read Barry Carter's poem here

Museum Shop Update
Written and illustrated by the talented Marsha Bailey and produced by the Kiwanis Club of New Harmony, this coloring book is full of important New Harmony scenes. Read more about this new coloring book

Christmas in New Harmony
Every December New Harmony celebrates Christmas in a big way! The first weekend of December hosts Christmas in New Harmony, a spirit filled weekend sure to get you in ready for the holiday. The town will be decorated in the Christmas spirit along with a tree lighting, a performance of the Nutcracker, Artisan Vendors throughout the town and even visits from a certain someone to see if you have been naughty or nice! Learn more about how we are participating in Christmas in New Harmony

OCTOBER 2021 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
While the tour season seems to be winding down, everything else seems to be getting busier! This past month (really the last year), a lot of our focus has been on Water/Ways, a Smithsonian Museum on Main Street traveling exhibit made possible in Indiana by Indiana Humanities. This exhibition, which dives into water—an essential component of life on our planet, environmentally, culturally and historically, is only traveling to six locations in Indiana. New Harmony’s connection to the Wabash River is an important one, and this has given us a great chance to explore those connections while cultivating new partnerships. Learn more about these partnerships

Pioneer Hearth Cooking Demonstration
Cooking in the age of pioneers was a lot different than it is today! Join Historic New Harmony Interpreter Becky Smyth as she demonstrates pioneer hearth cooking in the Double Log Cabin

Museum Shop Update
New Harmony, Indiana: Like a River, Not a Lake has flowed its way back onto our shelves after a short hiatus. Written by Jane Blaffer Owen and edited by one of our own talented tour guides Nancy Mangum McCaslin, it also includes Forewords from John Philip Newell and J. Pittman McGehee and Afterwords from Anne Dale Owen and Jane Dale Owen. Learn more about this book

Robert Owen 250th Creative Writing Contest
Charlie Gaston's essay "Robert Owen: Protector of Workers" was chosen as an Honorable Mention in our Robert Owen 250th Creative Writing Contest. As a New Harmony resident, his personal history and connection to our town make for an intriguing read. Read it here

Systems | Bodies | Parameters now open at the NHGCA
The exhibition, which runs through November 13 features 12 lush abstract paintings with surfaces that have to be seen in person. Learn more about the artist

SEPTEMBER 2021 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
If you’ve liked us on Facebook, you might have noticed that each month this year there’s been a bit of a theme to most of our posts. As a part of our Robert Owen 250th Celebration, we’ve picked one topic each month to focus on in regard to Owen’s immense legacy. This month we’re looking at his global impact. Learn more about Robert Owen's international legacy

Lessons During a Pandemic Year, A Utopian Tour Guide Perspective
While our daily historic tours have continued throughout the last year, changes were made to keep our staff and visitors safe. Hear from Historic New Harmony tour guide Heidi Doss as she shares the lessons learned during a pandemic year

Robert Owen 250th Creative Writing Contest
The winners have been announced and the first piece is published! Read the winner of the 13-17 age group

NHGCA Update
Describing Language: Thinking Through Access and Communication continues through October 2. Hear from Iris as she shares other updates from the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art

Maclure has returned to New Harmony!
Maclure of New Harmony by Leonard Warren has returned to the shelves of the Museum Shop in the Atheneum. This masterfully written book follows the twists and turns of William Maclure's life. Learn more about this book

AUGUST 2021 Edition

Interim Assistant Director's Update
On July 1st, Claire Eagle was named the Interim Assistant Director of Historic New Harmony. Hear from Claire in her first update as Interim Assistant Director

Advisory Board Spotlight
For Linda Warrum, New Harmony is home. She first became a resident of Posey County in 1976, moving to New Harmony in 1999 when she also became a tour guide for Historic New Harmony. After 20 years, Linda retired from Historic New Harmony last year. Read more about how Linda is staying involved with Historic New Harmony in her retirement

Describing Language: Thinking Through Access and Communication Opens August 21
The way someone can communicate to another person can be the point where they can access their needs, wants or desires. This upcoming exhibition serves as a laboratory for examining the ways in which language and other methods of communication allow or deny people resources and opportunities. Learn more about the exhibition and partnerships that made it happen

What's New in the Museum Shop?
Meditation and prayer were a fundamental aspect of the Harmonist religion. In honor of the legacy of the Harmonists and their dedication to meditation and prayer, we offer several items in our Museum Shop to aid you in your spiritual journey. Read more about those items

Historic Candle Dipping Demonstration
Harmonists needed hundreds of candles a day to light their homes, church and businesses. Hear from Historic New Harmony Interpreter Becky Smyth as she demonstrates how the Harmonists made candles during the early 1800's

JULY 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
As we launch into a new season and prepare for many activities that we missed out on last summer, it’s so exciting to see businesses, venues, events and opportunities opening back up. With that said, my update this month is really a parting “thank you”… a sincere and heartfelt “thank you.” Hear more from Dan Mason in his last update as Assistant Director

Restocks at the Museum Shop
After a busy spring and start to the summer, the Museum Shop is all about restocks this month. Read more to see which items are coming back

Reflections on New Harmony 
For Katie Waters, and many others, New Harmony is a special place. As she begins her tenure as the Chair of the Historic New Harmony Advisory Board, she's shared some of her favorite memories. Read more from Katie

USI Alumna Returns to the NHGCA
This month, USI alumna Jennifer Niswonger returns to southern Indiana for her solo exhibition of recent paintings—News FeedLearn more about News Feed and Jennifer Niswonger

New Harmony State Historic Site Update
For the first time in over 20 years, all rooms on the second floor, of Community House no. 2, that are not designated for artifact storage, will be open to the public. Finishing touches are happening now on the last room on that floor. Read more about the changes at Community House no. 2

JUNE 2021 Edition

Assistant Director's Update
To put it bluntly, New Harmony is back; visitors, students, educators and shoppers are returning and the Historic New Harmony Team has been quite busy lately. Read more about what the HNH team has been working on

What's New in the Museum Shop?
While most people know about Lewis and Clark and their expedition across America, the expedition of Prince Maxamillian and Karl Bodmer is lesser known but still equally as important. Historic New Harmony’s collection includes a set of Bodmer’s prints documenting the expedition. You may view it, as requested, through our daily tour. To celebrate that expedition and the collection, we have added several items to our Museum Shop. Learn more about the new items

Advisory Board Spotlight
Dr. Michael (Mike) Strezewski first visited New Harmony in 1997 as a graduate student at Indiana University. He was struck by how this “little town” had maintained a distinct identity almost 200 years after it was founded. Years later, he would become a professor at the University of Southern Indiana and become very involved in New Harmony. Read more about Mike's interest and work in New Harmony

Beautification Grant Update
The Efroymson Family Fund Historic New Harmony Beautification Grants are making beautiful things happen! Since this grant program was introduced in November 2020, several projects have been approved, funded and completed. Learn more about the projects that have been completed

NHGCA Update
Join the Gallery for a conversation with the artists and curator of Sapientia Gloria Corona EstFind more info here

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