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Lessons for impact: USI student aims to make a change

Since spring 2013, the Reading Methods course connects USI students with local children, grades kindergarten through five, and prepares them for life as an educator. USI students gain teaching experience as “Reading Buddies” through lesson plan creation, coaching and take-home lessons each session.

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lifelong learning

Three secrets to commanding your audience

Whether the purpose is to entertain, educate, persuade or motivate, these three secrets will help you command attention from your audience.

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community engagement

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"I just finished up graduate school in Texas and was applying to a bunch of jobs and art residencies. I’ve been here since the beginning of September." 

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opportunity development

TCA final presentations

In his last semester, Corey Foster was working as a student worker in the USI Information Technology department and had a desire to do more.

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online learning

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12 weeks in the Online Course Development Program

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