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Connect with Southern Indiana Leadership Program

Connect with Southern Indiana is a leadership program sponsored by the University of Southern Indiana focused on promoting active citizenship and developing creative problem solving skills for individuals in the non-profit and for-profit sectors across a nine-county region in Southwest Indiana.  The program highlights divergent and analytical thinking, idea generation, communication skills, and strategic entrepreneurship from a community development perspective.

The program is designed to transcend traditional boundaries of towns and counties, occupation, and demography. Participants will meet others from the region with similar concerns and interests, identify areas for collaborative projects, and meet business and civic leaders while developing creative problem solving skills.

Connect with Southern Indiana contains a social entrepreneurship model in which participants seek innovative solutions to a variety of problems or needs. Utilizing coaching and team collaboration, participants will develop projects that address regional problems. The program will introduce topics such as sustainability, adapted business models, and feasibility analyses, and participants will apply these lessons to their projects. Sessions are facilitated by USI faculty and staff and community leaders.

In addition to networking, learning business and leadership skills, and helping with regional issues, participants get the opportunity to explore some of the places that make southwest Indiana special. Sessions will include visits to Toyota Manufacturing, Lincoln Boyhood, New Harmony, and more. Visit our Photo page for a look back at our past programs.

Applications for the 2020 Connect with Southern Indiana program are now available:
2020 Connect with Southern Indiana Application (PDF | Word)

Applications are due November 8, 2019.

Please complete the above application and email to or mail to:

Leslie Townsend
Connect with Southern Indiana
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