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Education Services and Partnerships

Education Services & Partnerships (ESP) works with schools and community partners to provide quality educational opportunities to students, teachers, and parents. Our work encompasses a wide range of opportunities for children ages 4-18, through enrichment and educational programs such as Super Summer and the nationally-accredited College Achievement Program (CAP). We also provide professional development opportunities for educators and lifelong learners.


College Achievement Program (CAP) - CAP is a cooperative program between the University of Southern Indiana and participating high schools. CAP allows highly motivated high school junior and senior students to take regular college courses in their own high schools at a reduced rate of tuition.

Southwest Indiana STEM - STEM Initiatives at the University of Southern Indiana encourages students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The SwiSTEM resource center advocates STEM-related competitions and camps; these contest and activities give students and teachers the opportunity to experience the STEM discipline.

Noncredit Courses - The Center for Education Services and Partnerships offers noncredit courses for children, students, and teachers. Noncredit schedules are released three times each year in early January, early May and late August. 

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