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Student Enrollment Information

  • Students do not register for courses in myUSI.
    After successfully completing the online CAP Application, the student should complete the Student Permission Form to request their CAP course(s).
  • You should provide each CAP student with the Student Enrollment Brochure with the Student Permission Form inside (both available on the student application page). Students should take the brochure home and complete the permission form with a parent/guardian. The Student Permission Form must be returned to the CAP instructor or a guidance counselor to be sent to USI. Students who do not submit a signed Student Permission Form will not be enrolled for college credit.
  • Screenshots of the application process are available on the student application page.
  • Student enrollment criteria is available on our eligibility and enrollment page.
  • Per IC 21-43-4-15, students who were previously in CAP must have attained a USI grade of C or better to enroll in further coursework in the same subject area (i.e. English 101 and English 105).

Advising Information

  • Advising information and directions on how to look up transferability/utility in major.
  • College-specific advisors are available to answer questions via email and phone, for students who plan to attend USI after high school graduation; an advisor will join CAP staff for student presentations at the schools.  
  • The Student Enrollment Brochure has details about what courses are part of Core 39

CAP Program Guides & Classroom Posters

HLC Extension & CAP Graduate Fee Waiver

Past NACEP Conference Materials

"Practice is Powerful: Teaching Students How to "Do" College via Concurrent Enrollment", by Dr. Melinda Karp, speaker at the October 2013 NACEP Conference. This presentation outlines the jarring experience of transitioning from high school to college.

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