University of Southern Indiana

How Do I Apply to USI?

When you register for the USI College Achievement Program (CAP) you are given “non-degree seeking, special student” status with the University. Participation in a CAP course establishes your USI college transcript, just as your participation in your regular high school work is reflected on a transcript with your high school. Your USI college transcript is a permanent record maintained by the University Registrar and can be forwarded to other institutions at your request, if all financial obligations to USI have been met. All final grades become a part of your transcript and are factored into your USI GPA, whether you earn an A, B, C, D, or F as your final grade in your CAP course. 

Application to the College Achievement Program is not an application for regular admission to the University of Southern Indiana. If you are interested in attending USI upon graduation from high school, complete an online application with Undergraduate Admissions.