University of Southern Indiana

Graduate Fee Waiver

USI is proud to announce the development of the CAP Graduate Fee Waiver to current and prospective CAP instructors to respond to the need for dual credit instructors to attain certification to offer dual credit coursework under the Higher Learning Commission’s faculty requirements. The Higher Learning Commission, USI’s accreditor, requires that instructors have 18 and the required 18 graduate hours in the content area. USI offers graduate coursework in many disciplines that align with CAP offerings.

Indiana was granted a five-year extension (2022) by the Higher Learning Commission for dual credit instructors to attain the necessary graduate hours. The extension would allow for schools to continue to meet accountability metrics and the continuation of Honors Diplomas conferrals.  

Current graduate course schedules available:

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Contact Dana Drury,, 812-464-1972 for more information about the CAP Graduate Fee Waiver.

NExIDE Graduate Course Funding

STEM teachers within a public school also have the opportunity to participate in the New Experiences for Instructors of Dual Enrollment (NExIDE) Program. Through this program, teachers' graduate tuition is paid for and additional funds may be provided for attendance to a professional development event. Interested teachers must submit an application to Dr. Rick Hudson, Project Director, NExIDE Program, Associate Professor & Chair of Mathematics. Contact Dr. Rick Hudson at for more information and application materials.