University of Southern Indiana

External Grant and Federal Contract Review Calendar

Eight Business Day External Grant Proposal and Federal Review Cycle Calendar

Day 1 & 2

  • Review of narrative and budget/budget justification by OSPRA.
  • Suggestions revisions to be returned to PI by end of day 2

Day 3

  • Revisions by PI to be made
  • PI is to return revised narrative and/or budget/budget justification to OSPRA

Day 4

  • 2nd review by OSPRA
  • If proposal/contract is acceptable,it will then be forwarded to the Controller's Office

Day 5 & 6

  • Review of narrative and budget/budget justification by Controller's Office
  • Suggestions / revisions by Controller's Office returned to OSPRA

Day 7

  • Controller's Office revisions to be made by PI adn OSPRA

Day 8

  • Approval by Provost and/or VP of Finance and Administration
  • Submission of grant proposal by OSPRA staff to granting agency

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