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First 40

Research shows that the first 40 days (6 weeks) of college are critical for students, and may be important in determining a student's ability to persist and graduate. What a student does during the very beginning of their first semester of college can set the foundation for the next several years of school.

To help ease students through the college transition, USI compiles a list of fun events and activities taking place on campus and in the Evansville community available to new students during their first 40 days at the University.  

These "First 40" events will help new students:

  • Connect with fellow students
  • Participate in social or cultural activities outside the classroom
  • Learn about opportunities for engagement on campus and in the community

Stay connected throughout the year on our EagleSync page. Upcoming events are listed below on the calendar.

First 40 Days events for Fall 2018

First 40 Days Event Schedule and Information

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