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No Digital Weekend

Unplug for the Weekend

October 2nd and 3rd 

A little time away from the computer, internet, email, Facebook, Twitter, video games, and other bright flashy things are needed from time to time. Your eyes and your brain deserve a break. Not to mention your entire body. When we think about how much technology we use every day and how much it controls our lives, you can see that a little distance from those things may be in order. There has been a flood of studies over the years that shows that we are more productive after giving our minds a break and spending time outside. Stepping away from our devices can improve cognitive function and giving our brains time to “wander” which in turn can improve creative thinking. So, we hope that you join us October 2nd & 3rd and unplug from all that technology.

There are a few things you can do to unplug for the weekend:

  • Turn off all notifications- Closing your computer, turning off your phone, and shutting off the game console, or turning off all notifications is the first step to a tech-free weekend.
  • Let people know that you will be unavailable- Tell your friends and family that you will be unplugging and to not worry when you don’t reply to them for 48hrs. You could also invite them to unplug with you.

Activities you can do over the weekend while you are unplugged:

  • Read a good book- Go to the Working Men’s Institute and check out a book in a genre that interests you.
  • Take a walk- Walk around the town of New Harmony and enjoy the nature that is around you. If you have a pet, bring them along!
  • Write or Draw- Let your creative juices flow and create a piece of art by looking at a local landmark or just drawing whatever comes to mind first.
  • Exercise- By exercising, you not only improve your mind, but you also improve the rest of your body. If you exercise with music, try to do it without music and let nature be the music you listen to.
  • “Putter”- Flip through a magazine without reading anything, make random lists, daydream, etc.
  • Try a new recipe- Look up a new recipe and try it out. Enlist other members of your family to help and make something delicious for all to enjoy! One example is having a pizza night with your family. Get some dough and experiment with different kinds of sauces and toppings!
  • Go outside with your friends- Go hiking on the trails here in New Harmony, play tag or hide and seek, build a fort, go fishing, go swimming, play a game of kickball or football, etc.
  • Go on a tour- Plan to go on a tour of the historic buildings of New Harmony or go on one of the haunted New Harmony tours.
  • Meditate- Go into one of the two labyrinths in town and meditate. If you are religious, then you can do a prayer like the Harmonists did.

There are so many other things you can do while you are unplugged over the weekend not listed here! We hope to see you out and about October 2nd & 3rd in and around New Harmony! Once you decide you unplug from the technology you use every day, you can plug into the world around you!

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