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Equity and Inclusion Fund Application

The Equity and Inclusion Fund provides grants (up to $5,000) to develop and present programs, projects, or activities that promote the value of equity and inclusion on campus. Student organizations and students working with a faculty or staff member on a program are eligible and encouraged to apply.

For funding consideration, a proposal (below) must be submitted to the Multicultural Center a month prior to the event.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the University's Diversity Goal key strategies
  • Clearly defined plan, appropriate to the specific aim of the project
  • Reasonable expected outcomes and impact
  • Appropriate budget
  • Recipients will be expected to complete a brief end-of-project report

For further information, contact the Multicultural Center at 812-465-7188.

Note: Your form may take a moment to submit. Do not leave the page until you see the 'Thank you' confirmation page. We appreciate your patience!

Equity Fund Application

Ex: 888-888-8888

Ex: 888-888-8888

Find the USI strategic plan at


Terms and Agreements

a.       When there are conflicting terms and conditions between the two parties, the university’s terms and conditions will prevail.

b.       If approved for the funds, the organization must include the Equity and Inclusion Fund in their publicity and program materials.

c.       If applicable, those who are approved must provide two complimentary passes or tickets to the Multicultural Center for their event/program.

d.       Those approved for funds will provide the following fourteen days after of the event:

a.       Post Event Survey

b.       Final Budget Breakdown

c.       Number of Attendees

d.       Outcomes

*Paperwork that is submitted after the 14 days, could delay funding.

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