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Completing the Application

The Harolyn Torain Multicultural leadership Scholarship application is an online application submission form. We recommend the following before starting the application:

  1. Compile a list of your involvement in high school and/or community activities or organizations, including dates of membership and any offices held.
  1. Compile a list of awards and honors you have received, the organization giving the award and appropriate dates.
  1. Type out your two-part essay (each essay should be 250 words or less) which answers the following:

1. Describe how you have demonstrated leadership. 

2. Understanding that diversity is defined as the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization, describe your experience with diversity and your commitment to bring diverse groups together. 

Once you have completed these tasks, open the Scholarship application, fill in the necessary information and click submit.

If you have questions or problems filling out or submitting the application, contact at 812-465-7188.

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