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Exploring Majors Living Learning Community

USI is determined to provide students with a thriving community in order to nourish their full potential. Therefore, for 2021-2022, the Exploring Majors LLC may be consolidated with some other LLCs to form the new SCREAGLES LLC! We'll know for sure by the end of April. If so, in the Screagles LLC, you'll meet students with a wide-range of passions and interests--students who want to form relationships in a close-knit community! Email us for more info!

Come live and learn with other students who want to discover themselves, their interests, and their skills. Even if you’ve declared a major*, if you’re not quite sure about your choice or you’re investigating several career options, this might be the perfect LLC for you.  Explore all USI has to offer and make new friends, too!

LLC Classes: 

Fall Semester:

Students in the LLC will take your UNIV 101 First Year Experience class together. This is a Core 39 required class. 

In addition, you'll be able to choose from a wide-range of LLC sections in classes such as Public Speaking, Art, History, Psychology, Career Planning, and much more! You will join with students from other LLCs to take the classes that work best for YOUR schedule, for YOUR major, and for YOUR interests. 

LLC Signature Experiences:

The Exploring Majors LLC is perfect for students who are still considering their options in terms of majors and potential career fields.  Let’s face it--being expected to know what you want to do for the next 50 years can be overwhelming and oftentimes scary.  We’ll work to make this decision-making process as painless as possible by providing you with the resources to make informed decisions, including:

  1. Career exploration, including “behind the scenes” looks at various career fields in the Evansville area
  2. The opportunity for self-discovery through interest and skills assessments
  3. Weekly interaction with your academic advisor to ensure that questions and concerns are addressed
  4. An in depth look at USI’s majors and minors to inform you about options  
  5. Access to campus resources and services designed to assist you in the major and career exploration process

We'll also have a ton of fun!! 

LLC Mentor:

Mr. Aaron Adkins is your LLC Mentor! 
"Hi, I’m Aaron Adkins, and I am the mentor for the Exploring Majors LLC!  I’m an academic advisor in the Center for Exploring Majors, and I also serve as the Coordinator of Career Counseling.  I’ve been at USI for 10 years, and my favorite thing about this place are the people – especially our students!  Y’all never cease to amaze me…mostly in positive ways!  I have several loves in my life, including my wife, Sibbie; my dog, Percy; and the Golden Girls!  I love all aspects of pop culture, and I can get lost in conversations about the most ridiculous things…try me!"

You can reach directly by email or call: 812-465-1611.

How do I apply? 

  1. Apply for Housing, housing applications are available on December 1 on myUSI.
  2. Click on the red housing icon on the left and follow the instructions.
  3. After you've completed the main housing application, you will see a link to a special LLC application. You must complete the LLC application IN ADDITION to the main housing application. On the LLC application, you can rank which LLCs you're interested in. 
  4. That's it! :) You'll hear back from us before you come for orientation! We begin processing LLC applications in January! 

For general LLC questions, please .:

If you need more assistance, you can also contact , Director of Living Learning Communities.

*Due to accreditation requirements, Engineering students can only live in the Engineering LLC.

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